FrostWire Changelog

New in version 6.0.4

January 18th, 2015
  • Implements torrent loading algorithm to avoid CPU overuse when checking torrent integrity.
  • When transfers are finished they no longer show as 'Paused', they show as 'Finished'.
  • Fixes issues with incomplete files.
  • Fixes issues importing too many songs to iTunes playlist.
  • Fixes issue on which adding a whole torrent after starting a partial download would not merge the two and continue to download the rest of the torrent.

New in version 6.0.3 (December 19th, 2014)

  • Solves issue getting correct single file location from transfer manager.
  • Improved MD5 verification. Thanks @abderraouf-adjal
  • Important UI transfer related actions restored for Linux users.
  • Updated frostwire-jlibtorrent libraries, now built with older Boost 1.55, fixes Windows UI Freeze issue.
  • CPU usage reduced managing transfer items.
  • Croatian, Bulgarian, Polish, translation updates.
  • More cleanups and refactors.

New in version 6.0.0 (November 5th, 2014)

  • New BitTorrent engine based on frostwire-jlibtorrent, a libtorrent wrapper api created by FrostWire.
  • Russian translation updates.
  • Croatian translation updates.
  • Polish translation updates.
  • Simplified Chinese translation updates.
  • Fixes EzTV search, now with https support.
  • Multiple bug fixes.

New in version 5.7.7 (October 2nd, 2014)

  • New: VPN connection status indicator.
  • New: Stop media playback by long pressing play/pause button.
  • Fix: Bug where files couldn't be played with the main player button.
  • Fix: Bug where the speaker icon on the library would still show after the media player had stopped.
  • Fix: Bug after 5.7.5 in which the buttons of the Create Torrent dialog were not visible unless the window was resized.
  • Fixes issue on Linux when player window pixel translucency could not be set. Thanks @foutrelis.
  • Fixes Null Pointer Exception when trying to shutdown and hide an MPlayerWindow that may have not been instantiated.
  • Fixes issue where user could not create new playlist by dropping songs from existing playlist into 'New Playlist' list item in the library.
  • Updated MigLayout source code to version 4.0

New in version 5.7.6 (August 26th, 2014)

  • New: Filter search results by file extension, source name.
  • UI: Now table rows have a subtle bevel effect.
  • UI: Adds support for full screen mode on Mac OSX. Thanks to Tim Farris.

New in version 5.7.5 (August 12th, 2014)

  • Improved mp4 parser.
  • Improved cloud search results.
  • Now FrostWire runs with Java8 technology.
  • Fixes player control layout issues when resizing the main window.
  • Fixes soundcloud url track/set downloads.
  • Fixes possible cloud download errors.

New in version 5.7.4 (July 2nd, 2014)

  • Fixes issues with youtube downloads.
  • Recovered ability to download soundcloud URLs.
  • Can download entire soundcloud playlists from playlist URL.
  • Fixed broken search.
  • Updated Gson library, included the sources into our repo.

New in version 5.7.3 (May 26th, 2014)

  • New Yifi search.
  • Added Canonical Peer Priority support. (BEP40)
  • Fixed broken EZTV search.
  • Removed apache httpclient and httpcore libraries.

New in version 5.7.2 (April 15th, 2014)

  • uTP support enabled.
  • Multiple crash fixes.
  • UX: playable single file torrents now can be played from transfer list.
  • UX: Fixes UI Thread freeze when opening Options > Search.
  • UX: Better error reporting when a torrent can't be fetched from a magnet connection.