Freedroid RPG Changelog

New in version 0.16 RC1

August 26th, 2015
  • Translations are back! The game can now be read in a selection of languages, and the following languages are bundled with the game by default: Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, German, French, and Swedish. More languages are being worked on by volunteers, and translators (and proofreaders!) are always welcome to join us on Transifex:
  • The various interfaces of the game have been refactored and are now widget-based, allowing them to be displayed better in larger resolutions.
  • Higher-level bots will now see through the Invisibility program.
  • The arena in town has been redesigned entirely. Bots are now fought in waves and in several difficulty levels.
  • The game ends a little less abruptly, and the player has the opportunity to enjoy compliments (and other words) from several characters.
  • Background images have been added and remastered, including widescreen versions.
  • A new, rhythmical music track has been added, and can be encountered near the Hell Fortress.
  • For the modders among you, the game's dialog engine has been restructured, and now uses pure Lua and employs bindings for NPCs and the player. Many new Lua functions have been added and can be called via dialogs and events. The remainder of the game's data is now also specified in Lua, for many of the same advantages.
  • An effect timer can be shown in the Heads-Up Display by enabling it in the game's settings. No more waiting blindly for Emergency Shutdown to wear off!
  • A new terminal model has been announced, advertized to be more hardened and robust than the classic model. Many of those with security in mind have already switched to using this new model, and if you have the right clearance, you can already see secure terminals in various sensitive locations, silently guarding their secrets.
  • Water runs. From who? To where? Only the water knows.
  • Countless annoying bugs were squished and shiny tweaks were squeaked.

New in version 0.15.1 (November 14th, 2013)

  • FreedroidRPG 0.15.1 is a bug fix release of FreedroidRPG 0.15: It fixes a savegame corruption that can happen in a very specific and improbable sequence of events. It is savegame compatible with FreedroidRPG 0.15.

New in version 0.15 RC2 (December 15th, 2011)

  • Fix small bugs in some dialog scripts
  • Walls are now displayed properly on MS Windows

New in version 0.15 RC1 (November 26th, 2011)

  • Engine:
  • A new way of commanding your army of take-over droids is available: Multi-Bot Broadcast. Now you can issue one command to all of your droids that are on the same map level, making management of a large number of bots much simpler.
  • Loading a saved game saw a dramatic performance increase.
  • Armor rules were improved: armor gives you damage reduction. Hit/miss is handled separately.
  • The Network Mapper in-game program has been added: It displays all the enemies on the current level on the automap for a short time. Remember, you need to have the automap enabled and turned on (default key TAB) to use the skill!
  • Positional audio was implemented: now you can tell where and how far away that pesky droid is!
  • The level editor interface was improved, making the process of level creation much simpler and more intuitive: map labels, enemies and their relevant information can be placed, moved around and edited inside the editor and using the mouse, rather through a text file.
  • The user interface now properly handles various screen resolutions and aspect ratios (this is still a work-in-progress however).
  • Damage is now calculated and applied to NPCs only when the weapon actually lands, greatly improving the feeling of the slower weapons such as the sledgehammer.
  • Graphics:
  • Tux, the player model, has gone through a makeover: it is now taller, more handsome and more plump. Furthermore, new types of animations are now supported for different types of weapons.
  • A new droid model, the Lawnmower, was recently added. Though seemingly cute and benign, it is known to be quite ferocious when angered, so... Keep off the grass! Kevin owns one.
  • The shotgun weapons now fire actual shotgun shells with pellets and spread.
  • Multiple layers of floor tiles are now implemented, enabling various combinations of transparent floor tiles.
  • The Exterminator gun is a fearsome weapon, the strongest in the game; firing it is not for the weak of character, and it now shows in its blast graphics.
  • Each add-on now has its own unique graphics.
  • Maps:
  • Slasher Mountains and the Worker mines, the levels south of the town, have been remapped.
  • An automated robot factory nicknamed the Hell Factory was finally added to the game. It is the final level of the game.
  • Dialogs:
  • A new character, Will Gapes, has been added to the Hell Fortress with its own quest.
  • Several new quests were added (no spoiling!).
  • Content was added to various signs throughout the game.
  • John, a new character, has been added as well as a puzzle game involving teleporters.
  • Some characters will now speak in a slightly different manner if the player is followed by a Red Guard.
  • A new quest involving a new character, Ewald's long-lost servant robot, has been added.
  • The beginning of the game (the conversation with Francis) is now more fast-paced and involves more action.
  • Chandra, the town sage, now knows more about Linarians, the player's race.
  • Various:
  • Breakable brick and glass walls are now clickable and are highlighted when pointed at.
  • A materials tab has been added to the add-on crafting UI, specifying how much of each material the player has and how much is required to craft the add-on.
  • C-net, the town's community network, is now horribly meme-aware. Don't be tempted to run any programs you might find on it...
  • Performance improvements in OpenGL mode (up to x5!) and SDL mode, making the game playable on all computers that still run.
  • Many spelling and grammar errors, as well as other linguistic unacceptabilities have been corrected in the dialogs.
  • Many Win32-related bugs were fixed.
  • The game now starts in windowed mode by default.
  • Small memory leaks were removed (and a few new ones added!).
  • Exits and entrances to underground levels are now displayed in yellow on the automap.
  • Unaffordable prices in shops are displayed in red.
  • The widgets in the level editor are now semi-transparent for easier overview of the map, particularly in smaller resolutions.
  • The meme plague continues to claim victims across the world of FreedroidRPG, and even Kevin's girlfriend started showing symptoms of it; avoid infection, or something might happen to your base. All of them.
  • For easier testing of new graphics, obstacle and item graphics can now be reloaded without restarting the game using a key combination: Left Ctrl + Left Shift + Left Alt + G.

New in version 0.13 / 0.14 RC3 (November 22nd, 2010)

  • Hacked bots can now be repaired, at a cost in circuits, heat, and time.
  • Dialogs are richer, and a few mini text games were added.
  • One new quest was added.
  • There are new graphics (weapons, player, and NPC animations).
  • A new armor mechanism was introduced.
  • Magical items have been removed and replaced with an add-on system that is more interesting to play with.
  • Random dungeons have been improved, and will now have more variation.
  • The level editor interface was re-designed for more efficiency.
  • Saved games from FreedroidRPG 0.13 are incompatible with 0.14.

New in version 0.11.1 (February 4th, 2009)

  • FreedroidRPG 0.11.1 is an intermediate release that fixes several bugs from 0.11, and introduces interesting new features in the engine. The maps have not changed significantly. Here are the most important modifications : - improved internationalization support - added two projectile weapons (AK47 and barrett sniper rifle), with complete graphics, courtesy of Whisnu aries - added ancient sword graphics courtesy of Laszlo Gy. Perger - support for a keychart with reassignable keys (press F1 while in game) - remove lots of useless (unused) files - handling more than 7 savegames now (load and delete game menus provide scrolling functionnality) - more updates on collision detection - fix the secret quest bug that marked the game as finished incorrectly - added new screen resolutions and fixed light radius for non 4:3 ratios - added a level validator to run some checks when doing mapping work - each hero now has a "backup" savegame that represents the last-but-one savegame. "load backup" in the game menu loads it. - level editor interface has changed for the better - now accessing the level editor from the game is only possible through a cheat key combination, and does not allow saving. Accessing the level editor from the main menu provides the "test level" feature that enables the user to test his level without screwing up the world's state. - emergency shutdown is now triggered when you are at near lethal overheating Note that savegames from 0.11 are not compatible with this version of FreedroidRPG. Sorry about this.

New in version 0.11 (September 15th, 2008)

  • Game Content added a secret research center level modified the endgame scenario and started integrating the Hell Fortress changed town to make it seem more alive and easier to navigate modified start level to improve richness of content added and rebalanced weapons. There now are a few melee weapons, projectile pistols and rifles, and futuristic energy weapons. changed and rebalanced programs, added a new default skill to help tux from overheating. Made a "programmer" character a possible and interesting alternative. added new music tracks Engine the savegame system now uses plain text instead of binary dumps. This allows compatibility of savegames between platforms and makes them hand-editable, and usable for bug reporting. a texture atlas is used for floor tiles, yielding a 20%+ performance improvement when using OpenGl many bugs in robot AI have been fixed collision detection and pathfinding both use a better algorithms, in an attempt to reduce bots getting stuck against walls full translation support for game data based on gettext has been added Level Editor undo/redo nicer buttons changed the mouse interface to match The Sims editor more closely (move with right button pressed, place tile with left click) ability to place line of walls by dragging the mouse ability to fill a given rectangle with floor tiles by dragging "quickbar" for favorite tiles