FreeBASIC Compiler Changelog

New in version 0.20.0b

March 20th, 2009
  • AndAlso/OrElse short-circuiting operators
  • updated FreeImage support for v3.10
  • BLOAD now supports 15, 16, and 32-bpp BMP files, alpha in 32-bpp BMP files (BITMAPV4/V5HEADER only), arbitrary BI_BITFIELDS bitfields, and OS/2 BMP files
  • Many improvements to gfx functions (SCREEN, PCOPY, LINE, CIRCLE)
  • Many improvements to run-time functions (VAL, STR, GET#, LINE INPUT, LEN, DIR)
  • improved dialect support (removed dialect dependencies from the rtlib, added IMAGEINFO, and #lang directive)
  • GOSUB now allowed in fblite (with OPTION GOSUB)
  • SSE/SSE2 support for floating point math (using -fpu sse command line option)