Fractal Fr0st Changelog

New in version 0.4

December 22nd, 2008
  • Fr0st can now save flame files, including batches for creating animations.
  • large increase in rendering speed.
  • Support for variations added.
  • In the source version, any script can be run hassle free just by double clicking on it. To achieve this, the script must include "from runscript import *" at the top. Otherwise, the script to be run needs to be specified as a command line argument to fr0st.exe.
  • fixed various bugs, including one which crashed the program on the ocurrence of very large coordinate values.
  • When assigning to values the y axis is no longer inverted. Fr0st is still 100% compatible with .flame files
  • Scripting mechanism was significantly simplified, it's now much closer to Apophysis (The sample implementation)
  • Fr0st can now be run without initializing the screen, useful for file generating scripts.