FireBug Changelog

New in version 1.13 Alpha 9

February 12th, 2014
  • Limit command history
  • Console grouping should be listed in the options of the Console Panel
  • Ctrl+Shift+C conflicts with Firefox DevTools' Inspector
  • Absolute Xpath
  • DebuggerLib.getInactiveDebuggeeGlobal can provide debuggers from a destroyed context
  • getEventListeners includes the HTML panel mutation observer

New in version 1.13 Alpha 8 (January 27th, 2014)

  • We introduced one nifty enhancement that allows displaying original CSS color values. There is a new option Colors As Authored that allows to display CSS color values as they were defined. This makes it easier to compare the styles interpreted by the browser with the ones inside the original CSS source file. While this new option is now the default, you still have the possibility to switch to hexadecimal, RGB or HSL formatting.

New in version 1.13 Alpha 7 (December 14th, 2013)

  • Add auto-completion for HTML attributes
  • Clicking and hovering the error badge should have different action than the toolbar button
  • Jumping back to the property name while the property value editor is empty doesn't work
  • console.log on generator object resumes it until it ends
  • Auto-complete CSS styles within the HTML "style" attribute
  • Auto-completion for SVG attributes
  • Firebug inspector CSS is visible with '* { display: block; }'
  • Fix search icon
  • Cookie module activation is broken
  • Broken styles for search elements
  • Exceptions in editor.hide should be logged and ignored
  • `include()` fails in error when having no alias
  • Firebug bugs when updating the DOM every 29 ms or less
  • console.log fails when called from JS injected by content script

New in version 1.13 Alpha 6 (November 30th, 2013)

  • Number rep should show negative zero as "-0"
  • Improve design of the search field and search options popup window
  • Closure inspection is broken in Fx27
  • Style panel right-click doesn't work when SVG tag is selected
  • Toggles missing when "Show Enumerable Properties Only" is off
  • Built-in array methods should be treated as DOM properties
  • Remove all cookies shortcut doesn’t have a tooltip
  • Putting capital letters on attribute names duplicates them

New in version 1.13 Alpha 5 (November 9th, 2013)

  • Fixes:
  • Add auto-completion for selectors for elements in iframes
  • Split firebug/firebug module into several modules and fix dependencies
  • Only select the string without quotes when editing a string property
  • Smartly recognize CSS selectors in the search field
  • Use Debugger.makeGlobalObjectReference in getDebuggeeGlobal
  • Selector auto-completion doesn't filter selectors that come after combinators
  • Exceptions in endEditing should be logged and ignored
  • Be a bit more restrictive with selector completions
  • HTML panel - search: Sometimes the search is not highlighted

New in version 1.12.4 (November 9th, 2013)

  • This version introduces a workaround that solves Firefox tab switching and Firebug activation problem (see a platform bug). As a temporary measure, Firebug no longer pauses the debugger when switching tabs. This avoids long tab switching times (see issue 6086 for more details).
  • The entire problem will be properly fixed in the next major Firebug version that will be based on the new JavaScript Debugger API in Firefox.

New in version 1.12 Alpha 7 (June 14th, 2013)

  • Group Console Messages (issue 4979)
  • Create selector groups for Elements side panel (issue 5955)
  • Issue 6447: Improve display of timings in net request infotip (issue 6447)

New in version 1.10.5 (October 26th, 2012)

  • Location list in the Script panel can be filtered (Issue 5963)
  • Title in Firebug detached window is correct (related to Issue 5883)
  • Firebug can be opened in popup windows (Issue 5949)
  • First-run page is not opened till Firefox restart when Firebug is updated (Issue 5888)
  • Firebug properly shows scripts coming from iframes (Issue 5978)

New in version 1.10.4 (October 10th, 2012)

  • Issue 4929: Update list of inherited properties
  • Issue 5783: Display of IPv6 addresses with port number is incorrect
  • Issue 5859: Delete “” is broken
  • Issue 5883: Error “topWindow.exportFirebug is not a function” while Firebug is detached
  • Issue 5946: Firebug breaks Firefox UI when disabled
  • Issue 5945: Show source link for CSS errors
  • Issue 5908: Link to open the complete xhr response in a new Firefox tab does not work
  • Issue 5744: Radio button deselects when Firebug is open (situational)
  • Issue 5905: inspector blinks

New in version 1.8.4 (November 7th, 2011)

  • Quick compatibility update (compatible with Firefox 9)

New in version 1.8.2 (September 8th, 2011)

  • Firebug 1.8.2 fixes 22 issues since (1.8.1) and is compatible with Firefox 5, 6 and 7 (beta)
  • Beta channel on AMO is also updated (1.8.2b1 is the same as 1.8.2).

New in version 1.8.1 (August 12th, 2011)

  • Firebug 1.8.1 fixes 13 issues since (1.8.1b1) and is compatible with Firefox 5 and Firefox 6.

New in version 1.8.0 (August 1st, 2011)

  • New console.timeStamp() method
  • IP Address displayed in the Net Panel
  • HTML Preview Reloaded
  • Improved Script Location List
  • Command Line Content Persistence across page reloads
  • New DOM Panel Options
  • CSS Panel Color Tooltips
  • Shortcuts for Changing CSS values
  • Better Support for External Editors
  • Box Sizing Exposed

New in version 1.7.3 (June 21st, 2011)

  • These releases fix a security issue and so, update is recommended. Of course, users who installed Firebug from AMO or will be prompted for update automatically by Firefox.

New in version 1.6.2 (February 7th, 2011)

  • This version fixes only two problems. We are being conservative and fixing only the most important & low risk problems since this release is planned to be the last one for the 1.6 branch.
  • Issue 3933 -
  • Here is the change log:
  • Issue 3880 -
  • Here is the change log:

New in version 1.6.0 (November 30th, 2010)

  • Console and Command Line:
  • Command line available on all panels
  • New API for the console object: console.table()
  • Console allows to filter its content
  • Improved auto-completion now the best of all
  • Logging of cut/copy/paste events
  • Support for XPath console logging
  • Descriptive background colors for console messages
  • HTML:
  • Support for expand All through a context menu or by pressing '*'
  • When copying XPath, namespace is included (if any)
  • Improved display of iframes
  • DOCTYPE is now also displayed
  • Scrollable Breadcrumbs
  • Better keyboard navigation
  • CSS:
  • Better search match highlighting
  • SVG CSS autocomplete
  • Support for

New in version 1.5.3 (March 13th, 2010)

  • This release fixes four issues we found (or created) in Firebug 1.5.2. In particular this release works around a large memory leak. Special thanks to ben.amada for putting together the test case that helped us track this down.

New in version 1.5.2 (February 25th, 2010)

  • Firebug 1.5 contains significant improvements to the HTML, Console and Net panels. Some of the features include:
  • Inspector improvements
  • Greatly-enhanced Net panel timings
  • Persist buttons
  • Additional Break functionality.

New in version 1.4.5 (November 5th, 2009)

  • Adds support for Firefox 3.6 (beta).
  • Bug fixes.

New in version 1.4.4 (November 4th, 2009)

  • Adds support for Firefox 3.6 (beta).
  • Bug fixes.

New in version 1.4.3 (September 30th, 2009)

  • Fixes a problem where Firebug could lose activation state for URLs if browser history was removed.
  • Replaced "Off for All Web Pages" with "Clear Activation List".

New in version 1.4.2 (August 5th, 2009)

  • This is a bugfix and stability release.
  • Includes:
  • locale updates (cs-CZ, uk-UA, ja-JP)
  • inspect E4X objects (issue 2114)
  • POST Data not fully viewable (issue 2105)
  • better console logging (related to issue 1860)
  • allPagesActivation pref
  • a11y fixes
  • Translator name updates

New in version 1.4.1 (July 28th, 2009)

  • Issue 2007: multiple arguments to console.error()
  • a11y performance improvements, CSS panel fixes, Mac styling.
  • Issue 2124: Search options pop-up not keyboard accessible (a11y)
  • Issue 2110: disabled javascript on some sites
  • Issue 1970: Errors inside an XmlHttpRequest.onReadyStateChange fail silently
  • and many more...

New in version 1.4.0 (July 16th, 2009)

  • Reordered Tab strip and toolbars,
  • Accessibility and Key Bindings UI,
  • Multi-panel search,
  • Improvements to the Net panel,
  • Simplified Panel activation,
  • Break-on-next function call,
  • Performance improvements in the Script panel,
  • Over 150 bug reports fixed.

New in version 1.4.0 Beta 7 (July 8th, 2009)

  • fixes for issue 1963, undefined objects in console and DOM panels,
  • issue 1968, on for all pages, but minimized,
  • issue 1970, Errors inside an XmlHttpRequest.onReadyStateChange fail silently,
  • fixed exceptions in Console and additional context-related problems around detached Firebug windows.

New in version 1.4.0 Beta 5 (July 7th, 2009)

  • Issue 1763: JavaScript exceptions on some pages [nsIStreamListener.onDataAvailable] and [nsIStreamListener.onStartRequest]
  • Remove dubious script tooltip
  • Issue 1282: Editing boolean var in watch panel changes it to a string

New in version 1.4.0 Beta 4 (July 2nd, 2009)

  • Fixed Inspector keyboard shortcut (cmd/ctrl+shift+C) when Firebug is not active.

New in version 1.4.0 Beta 3 (June 29th, 2009)

  • This release includes some fixes for a11y, code cleanup and other bug fixes. For detailed release notes, see:
  • Note that his beta has not been fully localized yet. Non en-US versions may have some untranslated strings.

New in version 1.4.0 Beta 2 (June 13th, 2009)

  • This release includes some fixes for a11y, code cleanup and other bug fixes. For detailed release notes, see:
  • Note that his beta has not been fully localized yet. Non en-US versions may have some untranslated strings.

New in version 1.3.3 (February 24th, 2009)

  • Fixed problems with Net panel and XMLHttpRequest.
  • Fixed problems with UTF-8 encoding.

New in version 1.3.2 (February 6th, 2009)

  • This is a minor point release removing compatibility with Firefox 2.0.

New in version 1.3.1 (February 5th, 2009)

  • bug fixes and cleanup.

New in version 1.3.0 (January 7th, 2009)

  • Not Panel Specific:
  • FBTrace service (for internal Firebug debugging).
  • TraceConsole (for internal Firebug debugging)
  • Javascript Debugging:
  • Script panel implemented with as viewport on source to improve performance on large JS files
  • Find debuggers by scope chain analysis rather than jsContext
  • scope chain shows in watches panel (from contribution by kpdecker)
  • Console:
  • reimplement console/command line to reduce chance of console undefined.
  • DOM:
  • DOM properties alphabetical
  • Net Panel:
  • Reimplement all response views with nsITraceableChannel
  • Centralize handlers for http-on-modify-request in firebug-http-observer component
  • Net panel timing improvements: more categories in timing.
  • Tracing:
  • Add TraceConsole to aid debugging Firebug.
  • FBTrace panel removed from X versions (TraceConsole instead)
  • new option DBG_SPY for spy.js
  • firebug-service tracing to traceConsole
  • For Extensions:
  • add onApplyDecorator(sourceBox), allows annotation of source
  • add module function isNeededGetReady() to signal a dependency and prepare for later use
  • (debugger calls it to insure commandline is in for watches panel)
  • Locales:
  • Internationalize via Babelizza; begin moving away from entities to properties.
  • zh-CN locale update (contribution by lovelywcm)
  • da-DK locale update (contribution by AlleyKat)
  • de-DE locale update (contribution by Team, ReinekeFux, Monoman)
  • it-IT locale update (contribution by l0stintranslation, gonzalopirobutirro)
  • sv-SE new locale (contribution by peter3)
  • pl-PL locale update (contribution by Teo)
  • nl-NL locale update (contribution by markh)
  • cs-CZ locale update (contribution by lordfrikk)
  • add tranlator names to the about dialog
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Issue 156: Sort DOM object properties alphabetically
  • Issue 176: net flash tab not recognising flv files
  • Issue 472: New console API - clear
  • Issue 489: Array content is not printed in version 1.1 beta
  • Issue 502: Component is not available (SessionStore exception)
  • Issue 548: 'open with editor' mangles non-ascii characters
  • Issue 588: DOM HTMLCollection/NodeList should be formatted like an array in the console
  • Issue 789: Using the console in the context of the current debugging stack
  • Issue 814: cd not working correctly
  • Issue 874: User object incorrectly identified as arrays
  • Issue 882: console.log() reports wrong source file and line number
  • Issue 903: Overflow is removed from Style section of Computed tab display when overflow-x differs from overflow-y
  • Issue 983: GWT with Firebug on FF3 cause "listener is undefined"
  • Issue 992: New zh-CN locale file for Firebug 1.2
  • Issue 1000: doesn't work
  • Issue 1050: GMaps2.setCenter seems to wipe out console.log in 1.2.0b7
  • Issue 1063: Spanish translation for 'script' shouldn't be 'guión'
  • Issue 1066: Tab completion fails for arrays
  • Issue 1097: Inspect image tooltip confuses images from different tabs
  • Issue 1107: Toggleing Table css properties breaks page permanently firebug 1.2.0b1
  • Issue 1109: Missing POST information (empty POST tab)
  • Issue 1110: Firebug doesn't respond ( (very long URL)
  • Issue 1121: "Open in Tab" does a POST request for a GET request
  • Issue 1122: can't copy or open image background from css viewer
  • Issue 1124: console.assert() doesn't work
  • Issue 1125: (partial) Net panel not working as expected (1.2.0) (issue 402 tested and works)
  • Issue 1127: console fails to load into reload iframe (Frame > Reload Frame)
  • Issue 1137: Forgets which JS file being viewed after switching away and back to Script tab
  • Issue 1147: after refreshing page, text not shown properly
  • Issue 1149: console.trace still not working
  • Issue 1151: Break on all errors should not break when a watch is undefined
  • Issue 1154: Debugger watch panel does not include closure variables, contribution kpdecker
  • Issue 1159: Console results for "$x" incorrect
  • Issue 1164: Firebug console no longer shows Array indicators
  • Issue 1180: Show HTTP status code on all XHR requests in the console
  • Issue 1190: 1.3.0 a3 with console enabled changes appearance of pages automaticallly
  • Issue 1194: Firebug trims spaces from the lastmodified header
  • Issue 1195: problems with xhr connection
  • Issue 1196: JavaScript logging is no longer displayed
  • Issue 1198: Cannot expand line in FBTrace
  • Issue 1199: "Reference error: url not defined" when calling monitor() contribution by tonysung
  • Issue 1201: Both code and "script" disabled panel show up.
  • Issue 1203: Step over causes Firebug to suspend on incorrect line after reload
  • Issue 1206: showAllSources preference broken; contribution lezekdan
  • Issue 1205: decodeURI in Firebug.resetTooltip()
  • Issue 1207: DOMContentLoaded and onLoad vertical lines displayed within the net panel.
  • Issue 1210: 1.3b1 post message display is screwed up
  • Issue 1211: Autocomplete broken in 1.3b1
  • Issue 1212: race condition in XHR reported status in console
  • Issue 1256: Firebug displays spaces as plus signs in POST fields
  • Issue 1285: Enhancement patch: filefield is editable in add external editor dialog
  • Issue 1290: Using backspace when searching in open files menu deletes two characters instead of one.
  • Issue 1308: Missing URL-Encoding of reserved characters when using 'Copy Location with Parameters' from Net Panel