FileZilla Changelog

New in version

May 22nd, 2015
  • Fixed vulnerabilities:
  • Reject Diffie-Hellman Groups smaller than 1024 bits when using FTP over TLS to protect against the Logjam attack
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Do not bind the source IP address of the data connection if the server is not configured properly
  • Deleting bookmarks from the bookmarks dialog no longer deletes the wrong bookmark
  • Fixed CPU compatibility issues on 64bit binaries

New in version 3.11.0 (May 19th, 2015)

  • Ensure the title bar is at least partially inside the screen boundary when restoring a saved window position
  • Fixed crash if opening a wrapped dialog without having restarted FileZilla after having change language to Chinese or Japanese

New in version 3.10.3 (March 30th, 2015)

  • Fixed crash if changing number of simultaneous transfers while transferring files
  • Fixed local filelist statusbar regression introduced in 3.10.3-beta2

New in version 3.10.3 Beta 1 (March 14th, 2015)

  • New features:
  • FileZilla is now also available as 64bit Windows program. Users of 32bit FileZilla on 64bit Windows will get automatically migrated using the auto-updater
  • Added option to enable SFTP compression

New in version 3.10.2 (March 3rd, 2015)

  • When finding the local name of a remote file to be edited, use case-insensitive comparison
  • Updated SFTP components from PuTTY
  • MSW: Cleaned up runtime dependencies
  • Fix crash introduced in rc2 when there is no password element for a saved item

New in version 3.10.2 RC2 (February 25th, 2015)

  • New features:
  • OS X binaries are now 64bit
  • MSW: The installer configures Windows Error Reporting to save minidumps in %LOCALAPPDATA%\CrashDumps if filezilla.exe crashes
  • The updater now submits CPU capabilities when checking for updates. In a future version support for CPUs without SSE2 support will be dropped
  • In the XMl files, passwords are now base64 encoded
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Fix HTTP proxy handshake if no proxy username is set
  • Fix state of filter toolbar button if dismissing filter dialog
  • At the end of transfers errors writing all downloaded data to disk were not always detected

New in version 3.10.2 RC1 (February 21st, 2015)

  • New features:
  • When reopening files already being edited, preselect the previously used selection
  • The suject area in the certificate verification can now be scrolled if the certificate contains many alternative names
  • Many performance improvements
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Fixed display of total transfer size in message log for SFTP transfers
  • MSW: Fixed sorting of sites in Site Manager
  • MSW: Fix initial focus after starting FileZilla to be in the quickconnect bar again
  • Fixed bug in GnuTLS where the AES-NI instruction set wasn't always used when available
  • Refresh directory trees if sort mode changes
  • Fix potential crash if disconnecting during ongoing transfers
  • Fix updating the transfer progress bar When uploading files via SFTP with a low speed limit set

New in version (February 2nd, 2015)

  • Fix editing of files with the same name in different directories

New in version 3.10.1 (February 1st, 2015)

  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Don't override proxy settings if loading an implicit session from PuTTY
  • Silently delete junk files left behind by some editors in the temporary directory

New in version 3.10.1 RC1 (January 24th, 2015)

  • New features:
  • Fixed wording of some error messages when using FTP over TLS
  • Display subject alternative names in certificate verification dialog
  • If re-editing multiple files already being edited, add a checkbox to apply action to all selected file
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Editing the same local file multiple times no longer results in an error message
  • Display SHA-256 fingerprints in certificate verification dialog, no longer display MD5 fingerprints.
  • Disable insecure RC4 algorithm in FTP over TLS
  • *nix: Fix assertion when opening the file exists dialog on some multi-display systems
  • Deleting items in the Site Manager now correctly upates the right-hand side of the dialog
  • Dragging items in the Site Manager no longer makes the default port appear in the port input box
  • OS X: Multi-line text edit controls no longer act like rich-text edit controls and no longer perform quote substitution

New in version (January 16th, 2015)

  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Fix a crash if a keyfile has been configured for SFTP and this file has become missing or corrupted
  • *nix, OS X: Fix permissions on files uploaded via SFTP.

New in version (January 13th, 2015)

  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • TLS handshakes no longer stall if the server sends ginormous packets during the handshake that do not fit into a single TLS record
  • Fix loading and saving the same queue item multiple times
  • Post-login commands now work with the protocol set to plain FTP
  • MSW: Allow uploading files that are locally opened for writing by another program
  • OS X: Fix layout issues in search dialog and filter conditions dialog

New in version 3.10.0 (January 8th, 2015)

  • Fixed default file exists actions broken by rc1

New in version 3.10.0 RC2 (January 3rd, 2015)

  • New features:
  • Added Welsh translation
  • Data type indicator in the status bar now reacts to left-clicks as well
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • MSW: Fix crash when displaying the drive list

New in version 3.10.0 RC1 (December 31st, 2014)

  • New features:
  • Reduced memory consumption of large queues
  • Preliminary support for Windows 10 technical preview
  • MSW: FileZilla running on a 64bit Windows can now use up to 4GiB of RAM, up from 2GiB
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Fixed memory leaks in SFTP component
  • Fixed fzsftp crashing on disconnect if using keyfiles
  • Various code cleanup and minor fixes

New in version 3.10.0 Beta 3 (December 20th, 2014)

  • New features:
  • The search dialog now has checkboxes to only search for files or directories
  • In the file lists, Ctrl+Shift+N can now be used to create new directories
  • Added an additional icon theme
  • Small performance improvements parsing large directory listings
  • Updated SFTP components from PuTTY
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Fixed applying file exists actions to files currently in the queue
  • Don't send the PBSZ and PROT commands to servers that have rejected AUTH TLS/SSL

New in version 3.10.0 Beta 2 (December 5th, 2014)

  • Fixed uploads constantly timing out
  • Log abbreviation now works correctly when cancelling a pending connection retry
  • Fixed a timing issue in the updater. Users of 3.10.0-beta1 need to update manually.
  • Speed limits no longer reset when opening the settings dialog
  • Fix reporting of transfer progress
  • Theme preview in the settings dialog now properly displays non-standard theme sizes

New in version 3.10.0 Beta 1 (December 3rd, 2014)

  • FTP over TLS is now used by default if the server supports it. Use of plain FTP can be enforced for a server in the Site Manager
  • Connection handling and transferring files has been moved into its own thread to improve GUI responsivenes
  • The message log now only shows abbreviated logs unless an error occurs
  • Added option to pre-allocate disk space when downloading files
  • Files editing can now be started from the search dialog
  • Directory trees and the Site Manager tree can now be drag-scrolled
  • *nix: FileZilla no longer depends on libidn if getaddrinfo supports AI_IDN

New in version (September 6th, 2014)

  • Fix auto-updater not being able to download updates

New in version (September 6th, 2014)

  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • MSW: Fixed crash if starting file rename in an unusual way
  • OS X: Fixed a bug im wxWidgets so that a right-click after a left-click no longer counts as double-click
  • OS X: Fixed pasting of passwords into the "Enter password" dialog
  • OS X: Fixed context menu site manager tree not working
  • *nix, OS X: Fixed context menu of search dialog not working
  • Fixed loading of resources if FileZilla is installed in a directory containing the # character
  • Fixed support for SOCKS4 proxies
  • Attempt reading settings from temporary backup files if loading of settings files fails

New in version (August 14th, 2014)

  • Fix potential crash on connection failures
  • Fixed navigating through the different controls in FileZilla's main window using the Tab key
  • OS X: If FileZilla becomes the active program, the focus no longer jumps to the quickconnect bar
  • MSW: Improve compatibility with DFS network shares

New in version (August 1st, 2014)

  • New features:
  • Handle setting files redirected using symbolic links
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • MSW: Updated installer to fix an issue with re-registring the shell extension after a reboot on 32bit system if a another program keeps the extension locked
  • Closing FileZilla during a recursive operation no longer hangs
  • OS X: Manually handle CMD+V and CMD+A for password fields as Cocoa cannot seem to do it by itself
  • OS X: Manually handle CMD+X, CMD+C, CMD+V and CMD+A in the path combo boxes
  • OS X: Creating new tabs selects the newly created tab again
  • Detect some types TLS error conditions earlier instead of waiting for a timeout
  • Small performance imprvement for TLS handshakes
  • Do not show error message if "Create and enter" is used with synchronized browsing enabled

New in version 3.9.0 RC3 (July 17th, 2014)

  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • OS X: Fix random crashes if adding text to the message log
  • Fixed drag&drop when dropping on local file list and directory tree
  • Fixed assertion when using format specified for date/time formatting
  • Fixed assertion when closing FileZilla in response to system shutdown
  • Various code cleanup

New in version 3.9.0 RC1 (July 6th, 2014)

  • New features:
  • Binaries are now being built with DEP and ASLR enabled where supported
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • OS X: Fixed creating new tabs
  • OS X: Fixed assertion and crash when renaming files
  • Fixed assertion when sorting by modification time
  • Fixed toolbar button to hide remote directory tree

New in version 3.9.0 Beta 3 (July 1st, 2014)

  • OS X: Fixed rendering of the main window
  • MSW: Fixed support for right-to-left languages
  • Fixed several small layout problems

New in version 3.9.0 Beta 2 (June 28th, 2014)

  • Natural sort now also works with directory comparison
  • Toolbar state now updates if directory tree visibility is toggeled by enabling directory comparison
  • *nix: Fixed minimizing to tray not working
  • Fixed background of activity indicators
  • Several dialog layout fixes
  • Removed spurious error message when closing FileZilla

New in version 3.9.0 Beta 1 (June 23rd, 2014)

  • Added natural sort to file name comparison and added option to select which algorithm to use
  • FileZilla now builds against wxWidgets 3.0 instead of wxWidgets 2.8

New in version 3.8.1 (June 1st, 2014)

  • Fixed vulnerabilities:
  • Updated official binaries to use GnuTLS 3.2.15, addressing CVE-2014-3466
  • New features:
  • OS X: Partial support for retina displays
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Fixed several small memory leaks

New in version 3.8.1 RC3 (May 26th, 2014)

  • Fixed bundling of .xrc resources in non-Windows binaries

New in version 3.8.0 (March 28th, 2014)

  • New features:
  • OS X: Implemented the reboot, shutdown and suspend queue completion actions
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Popup dialogs no longer automatically open if other dialogs are already open. This prevents FileZilla from becoming unresponsive on OS X
  • Fix calculation of current transfer speed. In some situations the transfer speed tooltip over the activity indicators showed negative speeds
  • Fix handling of focus item in local directory listings if connecting to a site with a default local directory

New in version 3.8.0 Beta 2 (March 14th, 2014)

  • New features:
  • Use Server Name Indication (SNI) With FTP over TLS and HTTP over TLS
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Minor updater improvements to further improve reliability
  • Updated translations

New in version 3.8.0 Beta 1 (March 11th, 2014)

  • Fixed vulnerabilities:
  • Updated GnuTLS to latest version to address vulnerabilities in GnuTLS' certificate validation
  • New features:
  • Redesigned update dialog
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Fix initial state of the 'Enable' item in speed limit menu
  • Date/Time handling routines now carry precision information, this avoids comparisons of timestamps with different accuracy, e.g. 2014-02-01 and 2014-02-01 10:00 now compare as being identical when using the "Overwrite if newer" file exists action
  • MSW: Make handling of FD_CLOSE socket events more robust

New in version (February 12th, 2014)

  • Fix detection of modified files
  • Additional fixes for site-specific bookmark handling

New in version 3.7.4 (February 10th, 2014)

  • New features:
  • Added SOCKS4 support
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Additional bugfix for site-specific bookmarks
  • Improve compatibility with servers sending directory listings in Polish language or in EBCDIC encoding
  • Handle set user id bit when populating permissions dialog.

New in version 3.7.4 RC1 (February 3rd, 2014)

  • Added Corsican and Kabyle translations
  • SFTP now supports the hmac-sha2-256 algorithm

New in version 3.7.3 (August 8th, 2013)

  • Fixed vulnerabilities:
  • Merge further fixes from PuTTY to address CVE-2013-4206, CVE-2013-4207, CVE-2013-4208

New in version 3.7.2 (August 7th, 2013)

  • Fixed vulnerabilities:
  • Apply a fix for a security vulnerability in PuTTY as used in FileZilla to handle SFTP. See CVE-2013-4852 for reference.
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Provided Linux binaries are now built against Debian Wheezy

New in version 3.7.1 (June 19th, 2013)

  • Updated translations.

New in version 3.7.1 RC1 (June 11th, 2013)

  • New features:
  • Add command-line option to specify initial local directory
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Fix crash on OS X if connecting using FTP over TLS
  • Prevent file lists from jumping when they are not supposed to

New in version (May 27th, 2013)

  • Fix freeze if trying to transfer files with multiple servers each with a connection limit of 1
  • Adjust accepted X.509 signature algorithms in TLS 1.2 mode

New in version 3.7.0 (May 10th, 2013)

  • Fix typo.

New in version 3.7.0 RC1 (April 30th, 2013)

  • New features:
  • Show total transfer speed as tooltip over the transfer indicators
  • List supported protocols in tooltip of host field in quickconnect bar
  • Use TLS instead of the deprecated term SSL
  • Reworded text when saving of passwords is disabled, do not refer to kiosk mode
  • Improved usability of Update page in settings dialog
  • Improve SFTP performance
  • When navigating to the parent directory, highlight the former child
  • When editing files, use high priority for the transfers
  • Add label to size conditions in filter conditions dialog indicating that the unit is bytes
  • Ignore drag&drop operations where source and target are identical and clarify the wording in some drop error cases
  • Trim whitespace from the entered port numbers
  • Slightly darker color of inactive tabs
  • Ignore .. item in the file list context menus if multiple items are selected
  • Display TLS version and key exchange algorithm in certificate and encryption details dialog for FTP over TLS connections.
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Fix handling of remote paths containing double-quotes
  • Fix crash when opening local directories in Explorer if the name contained characters not representable in the locale's narrow-width character set.
  • Fix a memory leak in the host key verification dialog for SFTP
  • Fix drag-scrolling in file lists with very low height
  • Don't attempt writing XML files upon loading them
  • Improve handling of legacy DDE file associations
  • Fix handling of HTTPS in the auto updater in case a mirror redirects to HTTPS

New in version (November 30th, 2012)

  • Fix problems with stalling FTP over TLS uploads
  • MSW: Minor performance increase listing local files

New in version (November 19th, 2012)

  • Fix problems with TLS cipher selection, including a bugfix for GnuTLS
  • Fix a crash on shutdown
  • Add log message for servers not using UTF-8
  • Small performance and memory optimizations getting file types
  • Improve formatting of transfer speeds

New in version 3.6.0 (November 12th, 2012)

  • Fix a crash introduced since 3.5.3
  • IPv6-only hosts should no longer cause a crash in the network configuration wizard

New in version 3.6.0 RC1 (November 5th, 2012)

  • Do not show "Remember passwords?" dialog if connecting anonymously
  • Make wording in "Remember passwords?" dialog consistent.
  • Increase default TLS session lifetime
  • When asking for confirmation to delete files, state whether it's local or on the server
  • Fix right-to-left rendering of progress line in the transfer queue

New in version 3.6.0 Beta 1 (October 31st, 2012)

  • New features:
  • Auto-scroll file lists if dragging an item near the top or bottom
  • Add option to create empty files to the remote file list context menu
  • Support legacy servers sending directory listings in EBCDIC
  • Added Tango icon set
  • First-time users now get prompted whether they want to save passwords when first using the quickconnect bar
  • Greatly improve TLS performance by updating to GnuTLS 3.1.x with Nettle backend
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • FTP proxies now work with IPv6 addresses as proxy address
  • Handle expired TLS sessions when trying to reuse a session
  • TLS session reusing no longer fails with newer GnuTLS versions due to changed semantics of gnutls_session_get_data
  • Directory listings no longer sporadically fail if two connections try to list the same directory in parallel
  • Partially work around a Ubuntu-specific problem with modal dialogs not being modal resulting in crashes

New in version 3.5.3 (January 9th, 2012)

  • New features:
  • Ctrl+Shift+O can be used to toggle between modification time and filesize based directory comparison
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • It is now possible to use custom passwords if using "anonymous" as user name
  • After un-hiding toolbar, update toolbar button states
  • Fix TLS compatibility issues with TLS 1.2 servers
  • MSW: Unset hidden attribute on FileZilla's settings files
  • Building FileZilla from source now requires wxWidgets 2.8.12 or higher.

New in version 3.5.2 (November 10th, 2011)

  • Updated translations

New in version 3.5.2 RC1 (November 2nd, 2011)

  • New features:
  • Added option to open site manager on startup to the settings dialog
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • The "Don't save passwords" option was not being saved
  • The queue was not saved correctly if having items from multiple servers
  • Queue items with the lowest priority setting are now being restored again
  • Drag & Drop did not work with all saved sites if saving of passwords had been disabled

New in version 3.5.1 (August 29th, 2011)

  • Add support for another rate variant of MVS style directory listings.

New in version 3.5.1 RC1 (August 23rd, 2011)

  • New features:
  • Add menu item to hide toolbar
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Don't save server list in kiosk mode 2
  • Fix for predefined sites not appearing in all circumstances
  • OS X: Pasting formatted text into input boxes no longer changes their format
  • Fix typo in build script in detection of SQLite3
  • MSW: Small installer improvements
  • *nix: Fix character set conversion in desktop notification code
  • Merged upstream PuTTY changes for compatibility with PuTTY 0.61
  • Updated built-in TinyXML

New in version 3.5.0 (May 23rd, 2011)

  • Don't create queue.xml anymore if it does not exist
  • MSW: Progress lines in transfer queue now appear in correct position after changing the Windows theme
  • MSW: Work around a bug in Windows where a list controls' scroll position changes without the control being notified in any way
  • Several fixes to build system and environment

New in version 3.5.0 RC2 (May 16th, 2011)

  • New features:
  • Added experimental setting to strip file revision upon download from VMS servers. Set "Strip VMS revisions" to 1 in FileZilla.xml to enable
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • The string coalescer benchmark debug option no longer crashes if benchmarking an empty string coalescer

New in version 3.5.0 RC1 (May 9th, 2011)

  • New features:
  • The transfer queue is now stored in an SQLite database. This greatly improves performance and vastly reduces memory consumption while loading/saving the queue
  • Additional improvements to general queue performance and memory consumption
  • The provided Linux binaries are now compiled for Debian Squeeze instead of Lenny
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Fixed crash during shutdown of FileZilla
  • Clearing the queue when it was not yet fully populated no longer causes a crash
  • If using ask login type for a site and no username is given, the initial focus is now on the user box in the login dialog

New in version 3.4.0 (March 28th, 2011)

  • Updated translations

New in version 3.4.0 RC1 (March 22nd, 2011)

  • New features:
  • Disabled automatic negotiation of FTP over TLS introduced in 3.4.0-beta1. Will be added in a future version instead
  • Add checkbox to settings dialog to not save passwords
  • Add timestamp columns to successful and failed queue tabs showing when the transfers completed or failed
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Fixed infinite loop in TinyXML when loading settings from corrupt XML documents
  • Parsing MDTM reply now takes seconds into account
  • MSW: Handling of paths relative to the drive-root in local directory input box
  • Compatibility with MVS listing containing PO-E type entries
  • Fix Resizing issues with manual transfers dialog
  • MSW: Remote file editing did not correctly handle files that were still open

New in version 3.4.0 Beta 1 (January 11th, 2011)

  • New features:
  • Normal FTP connections now always attempt to negotiate secure FTP over TLS
  • Added option to force use of insecure plain FTP to Site Manager
  • Kiosk mode option can now also be read from FileZilla.xml, with fzdefaults.xml having priority if setting exists in both files
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Fix memory leak in directory cache
  • Compatibility with obscure DOS servers using forward slashes as path delimiter
  • MSW: Horizontal scroll bar in file lists and queue did not appear if changing column widths
  • Improve text wrapping engine

New in version (November 23rd, 2010)

  • Permanently trusting certificates had no effect until FileZilla was restarted
  • Fix downloading of symbolic links to files

New in version 3.3.5 (November 16th, 2010)

  • Updated language files, otherwise identical with rc1

New in version 3.3.5 RC1 (November 9th, 2010)

  • New features:
  • FTP over TLS certificate store is now host-specific
  • MSW: Large-DPI awareness
  • Improved SFTP transfer speeds
  • FTP over TLS should prefer ciphers with longer key sizes, updated contained GnuTLS library in precompiled binaries
  • Add context menu entry to re-queue all files on the successful and failed queue tabs
  • MSW: Native file list sort indicator on Windows Vista and 7
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Resuming of uploads was not working correctly in all cases
  • Correct remaining time calculation in queue
  • Do not show welcome dialog in kiosk mode 2
  • Do not offer option to permanently accept certificate in kiosk mode 2
  • Fix sorting by size in filelists with directory sort behavior set to inline
  • MSW: Fix memory corruption when changing language
  • OS X: Include license and documentation files in application bundle
  • Directly save settings after importing from file

New in version (August 18th, 2010)

  • Set a minimum size for column widths in directory lists and transfer queue
  • Fix build-time check for system TinyXML

New in version 3.3.4 (August 13th, 2010)

  • Correctly handle symbolic links pointing to files in search dialog
  • Fix crash in options initialization

New in version 3.3.4 RC1 (August 3rd, 2010)

  • New features:
  • Filter/search by modification date
  • Add "does not equal" option to size filter
  • Reduced memory consumption when working with very large queues and directory hierarchies
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Fix bug in TinyXML that could lead to corrupt XML documents
  • Abort directory listing parsing if encountering a line with more than 10k characters
  • Fix stalling recursive operations if FileZilla gets disconnected
  • Set correct initial control state in site manager if there are no sites

New in version 3.3.3 (June 14th, 2010)

  • Fix transfer statusbar regression introduced in the release candidate
  • Do not include IPv6 zone index in the argument to the EPRT command
  • Correct tab order in filter edit and search dialogs
  • *nix: Revert cursor changes

New in version (March 22nd, 2010)

  • Cancel file renaming on actions that change the file list, such as changing sort order or performing a refresh
  • Cancel file renaming if starting a drag&drop operation
  • Filter invalid characters if downloading through double-clicking files or if adding from the search dialog
  • Fix site-specific bookmarks menu
  • The menu did not reflect initial value of preserve timestamp option properly
  • MSW: Keep FileZilla subdirectory in startmenu when updating, preserves custom order
  • MSW: Add AppID support to installer
  • Remember location of update download directory

New in version 3.3.2 (February 22nd, 2010)

  • New features:
  • *nix: Add support for forward and backward mouse buttons
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Speed limits can be re-enabled on SFTP connections
  • Changed settings did not come into effect unless FileZilla was restarted
  • Small performance improvements

New in version 3.3.2 RC1 (February 15th, 2010)

  • Spelling fixes
  • Rebuilt due to timer problems

New in version 3.3.1 RC1 (December 28th, 2009)

  • New features:
  • New tab context menu, can be used to close or refresh current tab or to close all but the current tab.
  • *nix, OS X: Display sort indicators in filelist header control
  • Remember size of dialog showing all files opened for editing
  • Add refresh item to filelist context menus
  • Scroll treeview horizontally if needed to keep item in view on changing directories
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Fix crash of fzsftp if server closes connection
  • Successfully downloaded update file is no longer deleted if user cancels the finish page of the update check wizard
  • Do not retry connecting if not trusting certificate on FTP over TLS connections
  • Better reporting of handshake failures on FTP over TLS connections
  • *nix: Check for xdg-open. This program from the xdg-utils is an indirect runtime dependency. It is used by wxWidgets to open URLs in the default browser
  • Refactored most of the tabbing code
  • Use proper address type on SOCKS proxies
  • Add missing default button in bookmarks dialog

New in version (November 17th, 2009)

  • New features:
  • Ctrl-Tab and Ctrl-Shift-Tab to cycle tabs now loop around if reaching the end of the tab list
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Fix crash on showing/hiding of directory trees after closing a tab
  • Tabs no longer become unresponsive if not approving to close a busy tab
  • Directory comparison did not work properly on all but the first tab
  • Fix spurious error messages if connecting to a new site while synchronized browsing is enabled
  • *nix: Work around a bug in KDE preventing restore from minimize to notification area
  • Do not show update dialog if there is already some other dialog open
  • Fix synchronized browsing option on site-specific bookmarks

New in version 3.3.0 (November 9th, 2009)

  • Aborting a previous connection attempt by establishing a new connection in the same tab no longer renderes the new connection unusable
  • *nix: Quote filenames containing spaces if editing using default editor for text files
  • *nix: Fix crash while emitting queue finished notifications

New in version 3.3.0 RC1 (November 3rd, 2009)

  • New features:
  • *nix: Display desktop notification if all transfers have finished and FileZilla isn't focused
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Navigating controls inside tab using tabulator key now works on all tabs
  • Fix splitter positions on horizontal interface layouts

New in version 3.3.0 Beta 1 (October 28th, 2009)

  • New features:
  • Tabbed interface to connect to multiple server at the same time
  • New welcome screen
  • Add Open to local directory tree context menu
  • Bugfixes and minor changes:
  • Fix mismatch of displayed and actually performed default file exists action
  • *nix: Fix crashes due to race condition in dbus code
  • Fix SHA-512 calculating incorrect hashes on 64bit systems, used by SFTP and the update wizard

New in version (October 10th, 2009)

  • Fix crash if creating filters with attributes or permissions rule
  • Use REST+STOR to resume upload instead of APPE if server advertises REST STREAM support

New in version 3.2.8 (October 5th, 2009)

  • Changing directories at the same time an upload finishes no longer disturbs synchronized browsing
  • *nix: Ensure dialogs can be closed using escape key
  • *nix: Fix height of settings dialog

New in version (August 25th, 2009)

  • Fix crash if adding new filters
  • Small performance optimization for local directory tree

New in version 3.2.7 (August 14th, 2009)

  • Make external address resolver IPv6 aware, resolve correct address type on hosts both with working IPv4 as well as IPv6
  • Bumped minimum required GnuTLS version to 2.8.3
  • Keep URLs copied to clipboard even after FZ gets closed

New in version (July 2nd, 2009)

  • Fix FTP over TLS regressions in provided binaries due to two bugs in GnuTLS causing transfer failures
  • Keep bookmarks menu sorted after adding new bookmarks

New in version 3.2.6 (June 29th, 2009)

  • Don't display error messages multiple times if modification times of edited file cannot be obtained
  • Fix problems with certificate dialog introduced in 3.2.6-rc1

New in version 3.2.6 RC1 (June 22nd, 2009)

  • FTPS: Display complete certificate chain
  • Add option for stateless local file editing
  • Fix delete operation on symbolic links
  • Automatically reconnect if necessary to perform drag & drop action like with other actions
  • SFTP: Don't report success if download fails due to lack of disk space

New in version 3.2.5 (June 16th, 2009)

  • Fix adding remote directory symlinks to queue not working
  • Fix "Timer creation failed" message boxes on update download dialog. Actual update download was not affected, only display of the progress bar.
  • MSW: Use deferred volume label gathering on local file list as well

New in version (April 28th, 2009)

  • Allow empty fact values in MLSD listings as allowed by the specifications
  • Recognize symlink entries in MLSD listings
  • Fix redundant file exists prompts after chosing rename file exists action
  • Update item in queue after rename file exists action
  • Fix reconnect delays in case login failed with 5yz reply code

New in version 3.2.4 (April 22nd, 2009)

  • Fix crash on SFTP download resume caused by uninitialized variable in PuTTY code
  • Properly refresh remote directory after chmod if synchronized browsing is enabled
  • Fix unediting locale files in file editing dialog
  • Fix regression with custom post-login commands on servers supporting MLSD
  • Trigger refresh of transfer progress bars after resizing queue
  • Several small fixes to minimize to tray functionality

New in version 3.2.4 RC1 (April 15th, 2009)

  • Always use MLSD to retrieve directory listings on servers supporting it
  • Handle leading and trailing spaces on filenames, requires MLSD support
  • Multiple files can be selected for editing simultaneously
  • MSW and *nix: Add option to minimize to tray
  • The URLs of selected remote files and directories can be copied to clipboard
  • Further queue performance improvements
  • *nix: Provided Linux binaries now linked against Debian Lenny instead of Etch
  • Fix visual problems caused by too long URLs in update checks
  • Fix sync browsing checkbox in bookmark manager

New in version (March 25th, 2009)

  • Add context menu to data type indicator in status bar
  • Do not display file exists dialog after confirming to upload a changed, edited file
  • Classic theme wasn't remembered
  • OS X: Option to auto-remove successful transfers in queue could not be toggled
  • *nix, OS X: "Remove all" context menu item did not work if no item was selected in successful and failed queue tabs
  • Fix problems with double-quoted paths with containing single quotes in associations

New in version 3.2.3 (March 22nd, 2009)

  • made OpenCrystal the default theme on new installations
  • setting kiosk mode to 2 in fzdefaults.xml prevents FileZilla from writing to any settings files. Useful if executed from read-only media.
  • Fix crashes and memory corruption if resizing columns in queue if message log is positioned as queue tab

New in version 3.2.3 RC1 (March 16th, 2009)

  • Add synchronized browsing option to sites and bookmarks
  • If synchronized browsing and directory comparison are enabled, changing directories no longer disables comparison
  • Add some hotkeys for commonly used menu and toolbar items
  • Handle CTRL+A to select all files in queue - Less CPU usage during SFTP transfers - Improve appearance of queue tabs on dark themes - Allow system file associations with singlequotes around filenames for editing - Fix rare crash on connection failures - Activity indicators in lower-right corner of main window were not working properly - Do not allow multiple entries in quickconnect history that only differ in password - Fix crash if closing filter edit dialog - Improve timezone offset detection on servers without seconds resolution in listings - Fix layout issues in settings dialog

New in version (February 22nd, 2009)

  • Fix local directory creation during downloads. If multiple directory levels were missing, they were created in the reverse order.

New in version 3.2.2 (February 20th, 2009)

  • Display password prompt if connecting to sites with Ask or Interactive logon type through bookmarks
  • Fix parsing of default remote directories in site manager if using non-default server type

New in version 3.2.1 (February 6th, 2009)

  • New iconset: Minimal
  • Fix filter edit dialog sizing issue

New in version 3.2.1 RC1 (January 31st, 2009)

  • Synchronized browsing
  • Configurable double-click action for file lists
  • Ask user to select an editor if trying to edit an unassociated file type
  • Fix potential race condition in socket code

New in version 3.2.0 (January 8th, 2009)

  • Fix account logon type in combination with FTP proxies

New in version 3.2.0 RC2 (January 3rd, 2009)

  • Change wording of some strings
  • Support yet another directory listing variant on obscure MVS style systems
  • Fix odd behavior if deleting items from site manager
  • Do not show proxy password in message log on SFTP connections
  • Properly display "bytes" suffix in filelist status bar if not using thousands separator

New in version 3.2.0 RC1 (January 1st, 2009)

  • Bookmarks
  • Logging to file
  • *nix: Use GNOME's Session Manager D-Bus API to cleanly shut down FileZilla on end of session
  • *nix: Fix encoding issues with thousands separator in some locales
  • Thousands separator on file exists dialog
  • Rearrange filter dialog a bit
  • Compile fixes for HP-UX

New in version 3.1.6 (December 2nd, 2008)

  • Automatically refresh remote directory listing if queue finishes successfully
  • Speed up refresh of remote directory listing if adding files during uploads
  • Connections no longer time out waiting on a directory listing getting retrieved by a different connection
  • Number of files were not updated if deleting remote files

New in version (November 16th, 2008)

  • Connection establishment through SOCKS proxies could fail in some cases
  • Clearing private data no longer crashes if quickconnect bar is hidden
  • Handle drag & drop of symlinks
  • Update remote directory tree if deleting a subdirectory
  • Fix parsing of HTTP chunk lengths for the update downloader
  • Reduce memory consumption of remote directory tree
  • Rewrite the code that added local directories to the queue. New one is faster and avoids some potentially thread-unsafe behaviour of the old code
  • OS X: Fix help menu duplication on non-English systems
  • MSW: Reset wxWidgets internal display cache if changing display resolution or layout
  • MSW: Fixes for silent intaller

New in version 3.1.5 (October 22nd, 2008)

  • Handle symbolic links on servers. If trying to access a symbolic link, FileZilla will first try to CWD into it, and if that fails, will treat it as a file instead. During recursive operations, any directory link encountered will not be followed, but file links will be downloaded.
  • Numpad keys could not be used to search for entries in the file lists
  • OS X: Use smaller font sizes in message log and directory trees
  • Fix vertical alignment of labels next to the directory boxes above the directory trees
  • Use lighter text colors in message log if using dark background
  • *nix: Transfer status lines will no longer overlap the queue scrollbar
  • *nix: Fix font colors if using themes with dark backgrounds (e.g. DarkRoom under Ubuntu 8.10)
  • Fix XML corruption problems

New in version (October 16th, 2008)

  • *nix: Fix crash if renaming directories using the local directory tree
  • Rebuilt official binaries to revert a regression in wxWidgets causing memory corruption

New in version 3.1.4 (October 15th, 2008)

  • *nix and OS X: Avoid SIGPIPE if socket gets closed during uploads
  • Fix SFTP speed limits
  • Avoid reduntant refreshes of local file lists on some drag&drop operations
  • Send user agent with requests if using HTTP proxy
  • MSW: Add checkbox to start FileZilla to finish page of intaller
  • Reselect previously set default file exists action if reopening dialog on a queue item
  • OS X: Do not check /net whether it has subdirectories, it is extremely slow
  • Upon reconnecting, fall back to list current directory if last used directory is no longer accessible

New in version (September 29th, 2008)

  • Download speedlimits were not working since 3.1.3-beta1
  • On very fast connections, sockets could receive close event before being marked active, leading to timeouts

New in version 3.1.3 (September 22nd, 2008)

  • Fzsftp no longer crashes if receiving invalid data from server and instead quits gracefully
  • Fix crash if entering hostname with characters not allowed in internationalized domain names
  • Compatibility with yet another exotic directory listing format

New in version 3.1.3 Beta 1 (September 10th, 2008)

  • New socket event handling system, more flexible and a bit faster
  • Performance improvements for local directory tree
  • MSW: Using prefix search to select an item now also changes the startpoint for a multiple selection.
  • Fix directory creation logic if the directory to create is a root directory

New in version 3.1.2 (August 31st, 2008)

  • Allow drive labels with more than one letter for servertype DOS
  • Slight speedup of transfer queue, defer redrawing of UI elements to idle time