Field+Stream Changelog

New in version October 3, 2012

October 4th, 2012
  • New button look
  • New tooltip look, better menu contrast, matches button prelight look
  • Added Xnotify and set to tooltip look
  • New panel bg
  • Updated panel gtkrc
  • Increased menubar height, old look crowded menubar text
  • Added xfwm4

New in version Nov 14, 2011 (November 14th, 2011)

  • Updated gtkrc
  • redraw of panel
  • and added semi-transparent
  • redraw of panel button highlight, darker
  • water color.
  • redraw of tooltip to match dark water
  • color of menu highlight.
  • updated panelrc to control applet size
  • in xfce4-panel.

New in version May 11, 2011 (May 11th, 2011)

  • All screenshots updated, please center click on them for a better view, in a new tab as this new half view web thingy does not show the view good, and causes unnessary scrolling, and accidental click problems.
  • After 3 weeks of use, a record for me, discovered some uglies in certain apps. Here are the fixes.
  • Higlight wrong on vertical scroll bar, fixed.
  • Innie toolbar, looked wrong with apps that just use toolbar, ie Midori web browser, Wicd. Changed to a highlighted outie.
  • Complete redo of handle bar, including grabber, also moved up handlebox style to default section, as some apps were not following properly, ie VLC player
  • Moved status bar grip up to default section, also for the same reason.
  • Spent a couple of days trying out different window backgounds, if you want try them, jump to line 78, in the gtkrc. I put an explantion to help you, included there.
  • I did not set it, cause I could not make my mind up, Instead, I Changed bg to a darker shade , a cross between the menubar color and the old bg color, better definition of tabs, sliders, etc. I think this works as well or better.
  • Tooltip box, was redone changed to a complimentary color. Left the old and a new lighter similar color, greenshades, in the folder If you want to change, just follow the background instructions.
  • Spin buttons redone to match background tab color
  • Spin entry shaddows changed and gtkrc borders.