Faience Changelog

New in version 0.5.4

January 9th, 2013
  • GTK3: transitions on buttons are disabled to speed up the rendering of the theme when switching from one window to another and avoid memory leaks on some distros
  • GS: add a background on the dash launcher which make it more usable with the great 'dash to dock' extension

New in version 0.5.3 (December 16th, 2012)

  • New Faience-Ocre (for Gnome-Shell) and Faience-Claire (for Unity) GTK2, GTK3 and metacity themes
  • GTK3: fixed the background colour of Nautilus canvas items when the right-click menu is displayed
  • GTK3: added animations to buttons
  • GTK3: improved the overall look of Gnome Documents
  • GTK3: removed the stripes on progressbars
  • GS: new design for modal dialogs and GDM
  • GS: updated assets to match better the GTK3 widgets
  • GTK2: removed the 1-pixel border along the vertical scrollbars for maximized windows (the problem persists with GTK3 applications).

New in version 0.5.2 (November 20th, 2012)

  • GTK3: fix some bugs with Nautilus rubberband and dual-pane view
  • GTK3: fix the text colour of items displayed on the desktop
  • GTK3: new arrows for inline toolbars and linked buttons
  • GTK3: fix incorrect colour of backdrop progressbars
  • GS: fix invisible switches with non-english languages
  • GS: fix dash launchers tooltip for right-to-left languages