New in version 10.00

January 20th, 2012
  • Automation of daily operations such as protection of new computers and removal of
  • disconnected hosts.
  • Support for Active Directory domain replication. New hosts can be automatically
  • imported based on created rules.
  • Multiple administrators can be logged into Policy Manager simultaneously from
  • different locations.
  • All administrators can be set to have either full or read-only access.
  • Policy Manager provides data on how many F-Secure licenses are installed in the
  • network. Software can be patched and upgraded easily.
  • Policy Manager has undergone architectural changes that ensure policy changes are
  • distributed instantly and Console start up time is shorter.
  • Reports and alert listings are retrieved in a matter of seconds.
  • Policy Manager provides central management for F-Secure Client Security and
  • Anti-Virus for Workstations series 9 products.