F*EX Changelog

New in version 20140917

December 5th, 2014
  • fup: fixed bug no locales presentation

New in version 20130211 (February 12th, 2013)

  • A user can now forward a file directly from incoming spool to other recipients.
  • A new CAPTIVE mode has been added: if set, a user must not change his settings anymore.
  • Name based virtual hosts are now possible: you can run several servers on the same IP and port, but with different hostnames.
  • Several small bugs have been fixed.

New in version 20121027 (October 31st, 2012)

  • The licence has changed from the AGPL to Perl Artistic.
  • When no SMTP is available, the server can be configured to "no mails at all" mode.
  • A VirtualBox VM is available to run the server on Windows.
  • An optional "anonymous upload" has been added for local users who are identified by their IP addresses.
  • Anonymous usage is available via the Web interface and the new afex script, which offers very easy file transfer, especially for administrative accounts.
  • Some minor bugs have been fixed.

New in version 20120715 (July 16th, 2012)

  • This version fixes a security problem with JavaScript cross-site scripting, adds a French localization, changes the license from GPL to AGPL, gives the admin the ability to allow "anonymous upload", and fixes several small bugs.

New in version 20111129 (December 2nd, 2011)

  • Support for Firefox 7 (and later) has been added to upload files greater than 4 GB.
  • A registered user can create a one time upload key (URL), which he can give unregistered users.
  • The admin can forbid certain recipient addresses and restrict uploading or downloading to certain hosts.
  • The user or admin can limit bandwidth usage.
  • The GUI client schwuppdiwupp comes with integrated tar, zip, and 7zip support.
  • Italian and Czech localizations have been added.
  • Once again, several small bugs have been fixed.

New in version 20110107 (January 12th, 2011)

  • Subusers and groupusers no longer need an auth-ID, but can use personalized URLs. The adminstrator can allow self-registration of external users who can send only to internal users (like email), and he can define "public recipients" to which everyone can send files without registration or authentification (like anonymous FTP). Several bugs has been fixed.

New in version 20090730 (August 11th, 2009)

  • to and from addresses in spool are now always localpart@domain, install contains automatic spool converter fup: fixed bug short aliases address list mismatch

New in version 20081212 (December 19th, 2008)

  • Easier sub-user creation.
  • Support for non-ASCII-filenames (UTF-8) on download.
  • fexsend and fexget with HTTPS support. autodelete is configurable by the admin (to make a download possible more than once).
  • auth-ID is no longer shown in the browser address line.
  • The ability to restrict downloads to registered and authenticated users (an optional security enhancement).
  • Teergrub and other download managers.
  • Several bugfixes.