Extract ISBN Changelog

New in version 1.4.3

November 5th, 2012
  • Scans all formats for the selected book(s) in preferred input format order until an ISBN-13 or ISBN-10 is found
  • Runs as a background job in Calibre, prompting you to update when the scanning is completed.
  • Scans only the book content, excluding HTML tag markup.
  • For PDF formats, scans only the first 10 pages, then if ISBN not found, the last 5 pages in reverse order.
  • For other formats, scans files at the front, then a number of end files in reverse order before the remainder of the book.
  • Restricts valid ISBN-13s to those that start with 977, 978 or 979. You can add additional prefixes in the configuration if required.
  • Optionally perform a search when completed showing you only the books updated (default is off). Some users may use this to then perform a metadata download.