Equalizer Changelog

New in version 1.6

June 28th, 2013
  • This is a stable feature release, adding head tracking support using OpenCV or VRPN, asymmetric eye positioning for stereo rendering, and the ability to change segment frusta at runtime.

New in version 1.4.1 (November 28th, 2012)

  • New Features:
  • Asynchronous readback support
  • Region of interest for scalable rendering and load-balancing
  • Automatic CPU-GPU affinity
  • Application-specific scaling to visualize data in a scale different to 1:1 in immersive environments
  • VirtualGL-aware auto-configuration
  • Zeroconf support and node discovery
  • Blocking co::Object::commit
  • Extensible packet dispatch
  • Enhancements:
  • RDMA Windows implementation
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Launch error with empty host for a node bug
  • Readback of non-modulo-4 images broken
  • "--eq-logfile" followed by no other argument segfaults
  • WGL window compile error
  • eqPly crash on model load on Win32
  • Memleak with pipe thread affinity
  • exPixelBench crashes
  • Non-freed GPUCompressors after application exit
  • Windows: PBO error when rendering

New in version 1.2.1 (April 21st, 2012)

  • This version fixes an RSP race during connection, sequels missing from packages, the installed example CMake build not working, race and performance issues with multicast object distribution, --eq-layout being activated on the second frame, and installing "find" scripts in the CMake root.

New in version 1.2 Beta (January 1st, 2012)

  • Automatic local and remote configuration using the GPU-SD library, initial release of Sequel, a simplification and utility layer on top of Equalizer, runtime failure tolerance detecting hardware and software failures, tile compounds for fill-limited rendering such as direct volume rendering and interactive raytracing, distributed single-producer, multi-consumer queue, an RDMA-based connection class for InfiniBand (Linux only), and support for push-based object distribution.

New in version 1.0.2 (November 11th, 2011)

  • This is a patch release improving compatibility with external packages for Equalizer 1.0.1.

New in version 1.0.1 (August 22nd, 2011)

  • This is a patch release fixing eight bugs in Equalizer 1.0.

New in version 1.0 Beta (March 1st, 2011)

  • Major stability improvements were made over 1.0-alpha, delivering the full feature set and API of Equalizer 1.0 for stable application development.

New in version 0.9.1 (February 5th, 2010)

  • New Features:
  • Subpixel compounds for full-scene anti-aliasing (FSAA) or depth-of-field (DOF) decomposition
  • Data distribution and data updates using reliable UDP multicast
  • Support for writing applications which are not using OpenGL
  • Enhancements:
  • Support for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
  • Tile and range boundaries for the load equalizer
  • New eq::util::Accum class for accumulation operations using an FBO or the OpenGL accumulation buffer
  • Multiple windows on the same pipe can join the same software swap barrier
  • Configurable message pump
  • Optimizations:
  • Configurable object serialization buffer size
  • Performance optimization for image compression
  • Reduce memory footprint for eq::net::Objects with change type DELTA
  • Examples:
  • EqPly: added anti-aliasing when the application is idle
  • EqPly: recursively search directories for models
  • EqPly: switch to faster VBO rendering on OSX
  • API Changes:
  • The following changes breaking compatibility with Equalizer 0.6 source code were made:
  • The utility classes Accum, AccumBufferObject, FrameBufferObject and Texture where moved from the eq to the eq::util namespace.
  • eq::Window::getColorType has been changed to getColorFormat for consistency.
  • The font handling provided by eq::Window has been refactored for non-OpenGL rendering support.
  • Documentation:
  • The following documentation has been added or substantially improved since the last release:
  • The Programming and User Guide has been extended to 91 pages and 53 figures.
  • The Accumulation Buffer Object API has been added to the Programming Guide.
  • The Subpixel compound provides FSAA and DOF decomposition
  • Multicast Data Transfer
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Equalizer 0.9.1 includes various bugfixes over the 0.9 release, including the following:
  • 2873353: Usage of ext/hash_map and -Werror causes compiler error
  • 2834063: eqPly and eVolve freezes on Mac with glX
  • 2828269: eVolve depth compositing is broken
  • 2642034: Win32: max 64 connections possible
  • 2874188: Lockup at shutdown
  • Known Bugs:
  • The following bugs were known at release time. Please file a Bug Report if you find any other issue with this release.
  • 2934387: Ubuntu: GLX problem with PBuffer
  • 2931913 eqPly: DFR + 2D + Idle AA does not work
  • 2843849: 64-bit bug in eVolveConverter
  • 2796444: Race during simultaneous node connect
  • 2609161: zoom: depth readback does not work
  • 2556940: zoom: FBO usage
  • 2003195: Ortho frustra ignores eye offset
  • 1854929: eqPly GLSL shader has artefacts

New in version 0.9 (August 11th, 2009)

  • Automatic cross-segment load-balancing for multi-display installations
  • Dynamic Frame Resolution (DFR) for constant framerate rendering
  • Compression Plugin API for runtime-loadable image compression engines