ESyS-Particle Changelog

New in version 2.0.0

August 1st, 2009
  • As v2.0 is a feature merge of two branches, many features belonging to either branch are now combined. These include:
  • in-simulation geometry creation and visualisation tools (from the trunk)
  • support for walls of arbitrary geometry via triangular mesh walls (from the trunk)
  • post-processing tools (from the Dublin branch) particularly for analysis of fracturing and fragmentation, and interactive visualisation of simulation data using third party 3D visualisation tools (e.g. VisIt and paraview)
  • more advanced support for reading complex geometries from files generated by a companion toolkit called LSMGenGeo (from the Dublin branch)
  • checkpoint-restart facilities permitting terminated simulations to be restarted from a CheckpointRestart file (from the Dublin branch)
  • In addition to notable features from each branch, ESyS-Particle v2.0 also provides the following new features:
  • improvements to the Python API documentation to increase usability
  • a new implementation for rotational interactions that resolves a particle size-dependency of macroscopic properties for simulations involving particles with a range of radii
  • additional tutorial documentation covering use of previously undocumented features as well as guides for navigating the ESyS-Particle python API documentation