Domination Changelog

New in version

September 23rd, 2013
  • Annihilate button added to FlashGUI attack screen
  • Czech and Slovak languages added by Viliam Tomcanyi
  • del islands tool added to the MapEditor
  • can load a savegame file by double clicking on it or "Domination.jar c:\"
  • done: get rid of "[X]" brakets from main menu
  • strange nativenoresult popups in windows 7 fixed
  • DONE: make SwingME act like xhdpi on mac retina screen
  • Android 48 dice stats added - patch by Jerome Abela undo at end of game fixed can change ai wait for local games
  • Android 47 correct console output when trading cards in fixed/italian mode
  • Android 46 better checks for ai errors support for new server messages for rename
  • Android 45 gamesave during gamesetup works again does not ask to quit game if you are not in game when you make a new game make sure its visible in the list
  • Android 44 zero data fix trade fix by hawkprime
  • Android 43 10,20,30sec online game timeouts added fixed: game sometimes auto-saving in a broken state while ai is playing fixed: move dialogs stay open after timeout
  • Android 42 images overlapping fix for samsung galaxy s4
  • Android 41 rules added no square brackets in main menu
  • Android 40 newHost command added for changing lobby servers VenezuEla spelling on luca map fix AI: minor improvements and refinement of capital planning DefaultCards_cs PLAYER2 not found fix
  • Android 39 better notifications prefActivity theme on Honeycomb fix
  • Android 38 option for color blind people added

New in version (April 25th, 2013)

  • main map ( is now higher resolution (800x500)
  • world map ( is now higher resolution (800x500)
  • MapEditor can load TEG/JTEG xml maps
  • Card Ownership view shows you the cards you own when you dont own the country in Yellow
  • online game setup ui fixes
  • FlashGUI will remember the number of dice you are attacking/defending with in a given battle
  • fixed: FlashGUI move and attack dialog countries that are too big need to be shown smaller

New in version (March 11th, 2013)

  • Online Mini Lobby added to FlashGUI and SwingGUI
  • Brazilian Portuguese added by Ricardo Gomes Ponce
  • much more info added to the Testing tab in SwingGUI
  • game.ini has ai.wait property that can be changed
  • other game.ini properties work fully now
  • MapEditor can detect more errors on missions
  • SwingGUI can remember the players you used last time
  • new pluggable AI system
  • NEW AI BY Steven Hawkins

New in version (November 20th, 2012)

  • Italian update by Marco Barbarino
  • When publishing maps, it checks to see if the map name is already taken
  • Missions translations update
  • When you update to a new version it does not replace the game.ini
  • Do not give 414 errors on really large numbers of maps
  • When loading a cards file into the map editor, the mission text for destroy a player is displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed: in flashGUI closing the game when a game can be continued does not close the game
  • Ukrainian added and russian updated by Oleksandra Spiegler
  • Android 20 maps not loading because of currupted download error fixed, (files were currupted because of operator transcoding)
  • Android 19 more clear when selecting a capital only load .save game save files, do not even try to load others do not crash on "application/xml" mime type from server shows new line as a new line and not a [] in the MapStore

New in version (September 12th, 2012)

  • Better network play and better italian mode play

New in version (July 19th, 2012)

  • Better support for high resolution maps in the game and the map editor.

New in version (June 28th, 2012)

  • error now does not trigger a error box to pop up:
  • Could not open/create prefs root node Software\JavaSoft\Prefs at root 0x80000002. Windows RegCreateKeyEx(...) returned error code 5.
  • if UNDO fails once, do not try and do undo any more recycle cards works more like it would in real life continue added to SwingGUI and FlashGUI and Android
  • DONE - in the MapStore the "top downloaded" "Top New" text is not visable in mdpi
  • download icon in MapStore changed to blue
  • game can be played on Android

New in version (January 8th, 2012)

  • Many bugs have been fixed.

New in version (January 1st, 2012)

  • The black player on the stats panel has a white background.
  • Iin network play if a user is missing a map, the game will try to download it from the server.
  • There are added special effects on the game end.
  • Continents in the map editor show color in the list.
  • You can double click on items in a list.
  • Map Store has been added for downloading new maps.
  • Donate has been switched from Paypal to Google.
  • The map editor will default to user dir if it does not have access to save in normal maps dir, e.g Windows 7.
  • A publish button has been added to send maps to the server.