DisPass Changelog

New in version 0.2.0

April 23rd, 2013
  • Add support for multiple algorithms
  • Add new algorithm Dispass2
  • Add -a, --algo option for specifying algorithm
  • Add -n, --number option for specifying sequence no
  • Add label length selection in gui
  • Add label/parameters selection in gui
  • Add interactive labelfile editor 'dispass-label'
  • Center the fields when the window gets bigger
  • Reset all fields in gdispass by pressing
  • Optionally quit gdispass with Ctrl-Q
  • Gracefully quit on (Ctrl-C) keyboard interrupt
  • Clear input fields after passphrase generation
  • Auto-select generated passphrase in gdispass
  • Generate passphrases in gdispass by pressing
  • Change default location of labelfile
  • Add dispass `--script` option
  • Add dispass-label for managing labelfiles
  • Use separate text for manpage instead of README
  • Add option to lookup a lable in with '-s' switch
  • Require a min. password length of 8 chars in cli
  • Rename ChangeLog -> ChangeLog.rst
  • Make DisPass run from Python shell without exiting
  • Remove dispass.el emacs wrapper, maintained separately by Tom Willemsen

New in version 0.1 Alpha 8 (July 5th, 2012)

  • Add dispass.el emacs wrapper, authored by Tom Willemsen (ryuslash)
  • Allow generating a list of passphrases with varying lengths
  • Add labelfile handler and skel/dot.dispass
  • Add -f , –file= option
  • Use labelfile at $HOME/.dispass if no labels are specified
  • Add -l –length= option
  • Do not autostart gui on Windows
  • Explicitly name the gui version ‘gDisPass’
  • Autofill 1st column on output via stdout
  • Remove platform name from usage/help
  • Add manpage
  • Use a landing page for the html documentation