DictEm Changelog

New in version 1.0.2

March 22nd, 2009
  • Another fix in dictem-postprocess-definition-remove-header.

New in version 1.0.1 (March 20th, 2009)

  • fix in dictem-postprocess-definition-remove-header. It wrongly deleted extra line

New in version 1.0.0 (October 11th, 2008)

  • make_changelog: minor fix
  • README, dictem.el: Running dictem-initialize everytime your internet becomes up (if case you have no permanent connection to Internet, e.g. dial-up, adsl etc.) is a bit annoying. To avoid this dictem is (re)initialized (if needed) automatically from dictem-select-strategy and dictem-select-database functions. As a result, running dictem-initialize in .emacs becomes unnecessary
  • New function (dictem-reinitialize-err) added
  • Minor fix in dictem-initialize-databases-alist function. Now it returns erro data in case of failure, not nil. (just like dictem-initialize-strategies-alist)