Descent|OS Changelog

New in version 4.0.1

May 14th, 2013
  • It is now based on Debian Wheezy (instead of sid) and is built for stability rather than new development. Here is what is included in the new version:
  • Mate 1.6 is now included. Mate 1.6 is a great successor to Mate 1.4, and has their registry system finally merged into gconf/dconf, which makes management much easier on the desktop side.
  • Iceweasel(Firefox) 20: I added the backports repository for Iceweasel, so now you can get the most current version.
  • Icedove(Thunderbird) replaced Claws-mail: This is more an ease-of-use call, really. Claws-mail is a great client, but Icedove is a more familiar client.
  • Libreoffice replaced Apache Openoffice: I love apache’s openoffice, but since I wasn’t a huge fan of uploading a sourceforge-hosted repository, I decided to go back to libreoffice.
  • I have a few packages from the good ol’ mint repository added for more usability, as well. I have included mint’s software center as an alternative to the more powerful, but less usable Synaptic.
  • Openshot replaced Pitivi: I decided to go with a more well-received video editor here. I don’t have blender installed, but openshot’s great standalone nowadays.
  • I have included GIMP with this release as well.
  • Gwibber’s also included, because I use it as a twitter client, and quite enjoy having that out of the box, so it’s back in the ISO.

New in version 3.0.1 (November 14th, 2012)

  • Unfortunately, the 3.0 series had issues installing on newer hardware that needed PAE kernels, and would fail from a particularly weird issue when apt would run depmod for the kernel install through ubiquity. That said, I have had to roll back to the RC, which worked just fine, and rebuild the distro. I have removed some of the things I had added back when I released 3.0, but it should be mostly the same. The good thing is that this actually works, and will install on newer hardware, so please get out and use it!

New in version 3.0 Alpha 2 (July 6th, 2012)

  • Lots of packages are now updated, and the MATE desktop seems to be behaving nicely. That said, the only work really left to do until our projected release date of August 29th is mainly cosmetic. The plymouth theme needs to be changed and branded into a Descent OS boot screen, and the Ubiquity install slide show has to be done as well. Apart from that, I am confident it can be used daily, but am only calling it another alpha in case more bugs show up and the fact that cosmetics are not completely finished.