Deliantra Server Changelog

New in version 2.90

November 12th, 2009
  • Many maps have been added and the license has been cleared up.

New in version 2.81 (October 13th, 2009)

  • Spell descriptions are displayed for spellbooks, rods, wands, potions, and scrolls now.
  • An exploit where inscription/marking runes could execute arbitrary code has been fixed.
  • A complex object matching framework, called cf::match, has been added.
  • Skill tools show the skill they grant now.
  • Woodsman skill has been improved.
  • This release clarifies that all Deliantra-specific parts are under the Affero GPL.

New in version 2.80 (September 25th, 2009)

  • This release fixes a long-standing bug which caused the screen to stay black after login, an overflow/exploit in the bank code, and a bug in the jeweler quest.
  • More documentation has been added.
  • Torches can now be properly enabled with lighters.
  • The clawing skill now has the physical attacktype.

New in version 2.78 (April 6th, 2009)

  • Fixed bug in alchemy, where finding the right object for enhancements didn't work.
  • aggressively merge spell effects and do not allow more than 5 spell effects (w.r.t. put_more) per mapspace, to give the server a chance to survive a hundred deathsheads.
  • correctly clear op->env when inserting onto map, this was a potentially disastrous bug of unfortunately unknown proportions...
  • Fix cone-spell symmetry that was broken for direction 8.
  • Use gender-neutral place descriptions for invite.
  • (arch) new faces for alchemist class, wizard class and quetzalcoatl race. Thanks go to Lisa Larsen!
  • Remove support for colour reducing 32x32 images (no cfclient support anymore).
  • Actually mention the literacy level when it is too low to learn the spell.
  • Use better dependency tracking for include/keyword.h.
  • Add accept-invitation and suicide to the list of asynchronous commands, so it is possible to invite somebody out of some stck-till-death traps, or simply to commit suicide.
  • Replace the "ignoring delayed commands" message by something more useful (cf. cunning gnome freezeing issue).
  • Various fixes for weapon improvements.
  • Fixed small bug with handling connect errors in the IRC gateway.
  • Support T and G sequences in cfpod.

New in version 2.76 (January 19th, 2009)

  • The lamps and torches were completely redesigned and rebalanced, and cursed lamps and torches will now explode.
  • Applying unpaid items will examine them now, to improve in-game documentation, and shortened item names will end in "...".
  • A "What" column has been added to the body command, showing items in that slot.
  • Bad assignment of crafting skills and their tools has been fixed.

New in version 2.75 (January 9th, 2009)

  • Map scripts have been implemented, which are going to replace most of the boulder logic in the maps.
  • Lightning has been rebalanced again, and the monster's ability to follow the trail of a player is now dependent on their wisdom.
  • Alchemy-like skills can't be used with any cauldron anymore.
  • A cheat in nimbus, which allowed infinite retries in minesweeper, has been fixed.
  • Recreating monsters will no longer propagate when there is no player the map.

New in version 2.74 (December 30th, 2008)

  • The line of sight algorithm has been replaced completely, by a better performing and more correctly working one.
  • The light/darkness logic was rewritten completely.
  • Permanent invisibility will not make the monsters completely passive anymore, as the players now generate noise on attack, which will attract the monsters.
  • The monster AI was improved a bit by implementing a primitive "smell system", which the monsters use to track players.
  • Old code, unused code and legacy support for gcfclient were removed.

New in version 2.73 (December 19th, 2008)

  • The tutorial maps have been redesigned and improved greatly, the class selection has been moved to the tutorial, and the texts have been improved a lot.
  • An overflow in lightning calculations has been fixed, and negative glow radii are supported in daylight now.
  • The magic ears now trigger when used by an NPC dialogue, and directional casting of the 'invisibility' spell works again.

New in version 2.72 (December 5th, 2008)

  • The main city of Scorn has been redesigned completely.
  • The light system has been rewritten and bugfixed.
  • A bug with black worldmaps which occasionally appeared has been fixed.
  • Items that shops aren't interested in anymore are given back and don't vanish anymore.
  • The long-standing bug with the broken anvil converters in the shops have been fixed.
  • On top of these major bugfixes, many smaller bugfixes, performance enhancements, and memory leak fixes were done.