Deja Dup Changelog

New in version 34.0

April 13th, 2015
  • This release adds support for very recent versions of duplicity.

New in version 32.0 (September 20th, 2014)

  • This release drops Ubuntu One support.

New in version 30.0 (March 28th, 2014)

  • This release fixes a build error with CMake 2.8.12.

New in version 29.5 (January 31st, 2014)

  • This release re-enables libunity support and requires the latest duplicity 0.6.23 for its bug fixes.

New in version 29.4 (January 11th, 2014)

  • This release fixes a missing icon in the help documentation and adds support for unity-control-center.

New in version 29.1 (November 9th, 2013)

  • This release features a mild redesign of the preferences window and detects existing encrypted backups slightly better than before.

New in version 28.0 (September 26th, 2013)

  • This release adds some small fixes to the help pages and is more verbose about errors when restoring files.

New in version 27.3.1 (June 18th, 2013)

  • This release fixes a unit test on 32-bit systems.

New in version 27.3 (June 18th, 2013)

  • This release fixes System Settings panel support in GNOME 3.8.

New in version 26.0 (March 29th, 2013)

  • This release fixes another instance of using /tmp directly, helping fix out-of-space errors when using tmpfs.
  • It also spreads around the default backup time, instead of always using midnight UTC. And it lowers its CPU priority when running.

New in version 25.5 (February 5th, 2013)

  • This release fixes problems with small /tmp folders, allows $USER variables in the local backup location path, appears in GNOME 3's notification settings, excludes /run by default, and requires duplicity 0.6.21.

New in version 25.1.1 (November 5th, 2012)

  • This release fixes a build error and bug keeping some notifications from being translated.

New in version 25.1 (October 26th, 2012)

  • This release switches from libgnome-keyring to libsecret.

New in version 24.0 (September 25th, 2012)

  • This release adds some translation updates.

New in version 23.92 (September 19th, 2012)

  • This release fixes a bug that might cause you to have multiple deja-dup-monitor processes open.

New in version 23.90 (August 22nd, 2012)

  • This release adds some extra checks at the end of a backup to verify we can successfully restore it later.

New in version 23.2 (June 6th, 2012)

  • This release just has some internal refactoring and a bunch of translation updates.

New in version 22.1 (April 17th, 2012)

  • This release fixes resuming an encrypted backup (instead of just throwing out previous interrupted progress).

New in version 22.0 (March 22nd, 2012)

  • This is the stable release culmination of the 21.x development series. This last releases fixes some issues with restoring outside of your home directory.
  • The new stable 22 series doesn't introduce any features. It just adds some polish and bug fixes.

New in version 21.90 (February 24th, 2012)

  • This release works around a white-text-on-white bug in GTK+, won't back up to a server if it isn't reachable on the network, and supports building with valac-0.16.

New in version 21.4 (January 16th, 2012)

  • This release warns users when files cannot be backed up because they could not be read.

New in version 20.2 (November 17th, 2011)

  • This release fixes encryption detection when duplicity is fully translated and fixes an issue that may cause full backups to be made more frequently than once a month.

New in version 21.1 (October 25th, 2011)

  • This release changes back to notebook tabs for the preferences interface instead of a side list and has a few important packaging changes too: valac-0.14 is now required to build and the tar file is compressed as an .xz instead of a .bz2.

New in version 20.1 (October 18th, 2011)

  • This release fixes backing up folders with certain special characters in their name, fixes display of a few accidentally untranslated strings, fixes a rare crash if the gsettings schema isn't installed, and allows LUKS encrypted devices to appear as backup locations.

New in version 20.0 (September 26th, 2011)

  • This is the stable release culmination of the 19.x development series. This last releases rolls back a couple temporary workarounds for Ubuntu 11.10 and updates some translations.
  • The biggest changes in the new stable 20 series over the previous stable 18 series is a redesigned preference interface, support for appearing as a GNOME 3 settings panel, and support for backing up to Ubuntu One.

New in version 18.2.1 / 19.91 (September 1st, 2011)

  • This release fixed a bad bug that accidentally switched encrypted backups to unencrypted when resuming an interrupted backup, as well as a few other smaller fixes.

New in version 19.90 (August 23rd, 2011)

  • This release adds minor UI tweaks and translation updates.

New in version 19.5 (August 15th, 2011)

  • This release fixes a couple crashers and adds a lot of minor UI tweaks.

New in version 19.4 (July 27th, 2011)

  • This release fixes an accessibility crash and some general robustness fixes. It also removes the encryption preference, instead asking the user the first time a backup is created and just detecting encryption all other times.

New in version 19.3 (June 27th, 2011)

  • This releases features lots of bug fixes, including a couple crash fixes and a workaround for the "CRC check failed" problem.

New in version 19.2.2 (June 14th, 2011)

  • This release fixes a compilation issue with gio-unix-2.0.

New in version 19.2.1 (June 14th, 2011)

  • This release fixes a compilation issue with the nautilus plugin.

New in version 19.2 (June 13th, 2011)

  • This release adds Ubuntu One support, notifies new users after a month of not configuring their backup, adds better support for GNOME Shell, and fixes a bug where your chosen external drive setting would be forgotten.

New in version 18.2.1 (June 10th, 2011)

  • It fixes translations of help files which got accidentally broken in 18.2.

New in version 18.2 (June 10th, 2011)

  • It fixes a bug that ignored a user's chosen external drive in preferences when it is plugged in.

New in version 19.1 (May 9th, 2011)

  • This release redesigns the interface as a control center plugin.

New in version 18.1.1 (April 18th, 2011)

  • This is a stable update to the 18 series. This one is a redone 18.1 release that actually fixes compatibility with NetworkManager 0.9.

New in version 18.1 (April 13th, 2011)

  • This is a stable update to the 18 series. It adds compatibility with NetworkManager 0.9.

New in version 18.0 (April 6th, 2011)

  • This is the stable release culmination of the 17.x development series. This last release adds some translation updates and a few bug fixes.
  • The biggest changes in the new stable 18 series over the previous stable 16 series is support for the Unity and GNOME shell interfaces, support for backing up to Rackspace Cloud Files, a reorganized preference dialog, and a new "Restore Missing Files" dialog.

New in version 17.92 (March 25th, 2011)

  • This release adds a new icon and some translations.

New in version 17.91 (March 17th, 2011)

  • This release fixes libunity integration and some mnemonics.

New in version 17.90 (February 23rd, 2011)

  • This release fixes a few bugs and adds a password confirmation entry.

New in version 17.6 (February 7th, 2011)

  • This release fixes some bugs with symlinks and cancelling and updates the help documentation.

New in version 17.5 (January 12th, 2011)

  • This release adds support for Rackspace Cloud Files, enables building with GTK+ 3.0, fixes a crash when switching backup folders, and excludes the Downloads folder by default.

New in version 17.4 (December 27th, 2010)

  • This release reorganizes the backup location preference dialog.

New in version 17.3 (December 6th, 2010)

  • This release fixes a crasher when switching backup location, updates libnotify version, and updates a bunch of translations.

New in version 16.1.1 (November 19th, 2010)

  • This release fixes a bug in the just-released 16.1 that caused help documentation to not be translated.

New in version 16.1 (November 19th, 2010)

  • This release fixes two obnoxious restore bugs related to asking for root password, and doesn't refuse to backup to locations that don't provide a free space count.

New in version 17.2 (November 18th, 2010)

  • adds a "Restore Missing Files" view
  • supports GNOME Shell style notifications
  • works around a common duplicity bug that caused "unknown errors"

New in version 17.1 (October 21st, 2010)

  • This release fixes a bug preventing backing up to certain NAS devices, a bug that prevented restoring encrypted backups, and a bug that required a root password even when restoring under one's home directory.

New in version 17.0 (October 4th, 2010)

  • This release uses gsettings and dconf instead of gconf.

New in version 16.0 (September 28th, 2010)

  • This is the stable release culmination of the 15.x development series. This last release adds some translation updates.
  • The biggest change in the new stable 16 series over the previous stable 14 series is that now when the backup location runs short on space, Déjà Dup will delete older backups until there is room for more. Besides that, there were lots of smaller bugs fixes and tweaks.

New in version 15.92 (September 13th, 2010)

  • Support ConnMan, disable explicit resume support until bugs with it are fixed, and fix a bug where symlink excludes were actually included.

New in version 15.5 (July 13th, 2010)

  • Supports gtk3, always leaves one full backup when deleting them to make room on the disk, and doesn't cancel a backup when you click the window close button but instead hides the window.

New in version 15.3 (June 6th, 2010)

  • When the backup location is out of space, room is now made by deleting the oldest backup. Also, a bug that deleted backups after 6 months even if they were supposed to be kept forever has been fixed. Plus various smaller bug fixes. The preferences dialog got rearranged to use tabs.

New in version 14.2 (June 6th, 2010)

  • Fix data-loss issue where trying to keep backups 'forever' only keeps them for 6 months. Also fix a crash in nautilus when trying to restore the same file twice and false permission denied errors when entering passwords for remote sites.

New in version 15.2 (May 24th, 2010)

  • Fix some spacing issues with dialog layouts and update translations.

New in version 14.1 (May 3rd, 2010)

  • A stable bug fix release to fix some critical bugs preventing backing up to external disks and restoring single directories.

New in version 14.0.3 (April 19th, 2010)

  • Another small release to fix restoring to a non-empty directory (including restoring to original locations).

New in version 14.0.2 (April 6th, 2010)

  • Another quick bug fix release to fix a bug that prevented switching the backup location away from an external drive.

New in version 14.0.1 (April 3rd, 2010)

  • This is a small brown-paper-bag release to fix a 100% CPU bug.

New in version 14.0 (March 29th, 2010)

  • The most visible new feature is much better support for external drives. Now Deja Dup will notice if the drive is not connected when it a scheduled backup occurs and wait for it to be connected. It will notify you that it is waiting.
  • There have been various bug fixes too. One big one is that restoring no longer requires an enormous /tmp partition.

New in version 13.92 (March 9th, 2010)

  • Fix a bug when including and excluding nested folders.

New in version 13.91 (February 23rd, 2010)

  • Add a 'Show password' checkbox to password prompts and fix a bug where the backup dialog would flash on and off when canceling.

New in version 13.7 (February 9th, 2010)

  • Fix crasher when using SSH and clean up the applet menu.

New in version 13.5 (January 10th, 2010)

  • Some issues with /tmp space are fixed (if using the unreleased duplicity 0.6.07) and libappindicator is now supported.

New in version 13.3 (November 30th, 2009)

  • This is the first release to track the GNOME release schedule. This is a development version, leading up to an eventual stable 14.0 release.
  • Removable drives are now better supported, prompting the user to connect the drive rather than displaying an error if it is not connected when an automated backup starts.

New in version 11.0 (October 30th, 2009)

  • This release's focus is occasionally making fresh backups in order to protect against data corruption, reduce the bandwidth and space needed when restoring, and allow deleting old backups when no longer needed.
  • Since fresh backups can increase the time needed for a backup, Déjà Dup now supports resuming from an interrupted backup. Just let a backup run in the background and forget about it. If you log out, it will resume next time you log in.
  • Déjà Dup will wait for a network connection during scheduled runs and pause itself if the connection is interrupted.
  • And as always, plenty of spit, polish, bug fixes, and translation updates.

New in version 10.2 (October 10th, 2009)

  • Fixes an occasional crasher when manually backing up/restoring

New in version 10.1 (June 13th, 2009)

  • Support caching backup metadata, which means Déjà Dup supports the recently released duplicity 0.6.00 which requires a cache
  • Updated French, German, Russian, and Swedish translations

New in version 10.0 (June 6th, 2009)

  • Use GIO, letting one backup to FTP, WebDAV, and Windows Networking servers.
  • Add a 'Details' box when backing up or restoring. This lets you see the full path of each file as it is touched (rather than just the filename).
  • If the user tries to backup or restore for the first time, show the relevant preferences in the wizard directly. Don't require that they first open the Preferences window.
  • Add a more complete summary right before user approves a backup or restore.
  • Bug fixes and UI tweaks
  • New Indonesian and Turkish translations
  • Updated Finnish, French, and Russian translations

New in version 9.3 (May 31st, 2009)

  • Exclude ~/.Private, not ~/Private. This means we no longer backup the encrypted version of ecryptfs files, but the unencrypted version. So encrypt your backups appropriately. This change lets us work more elegantly in all ecryptfs setups, especially when your whole home directory is encrypted.
  • Update icons to Tango style ones
  • Relicense help documentation from GFDL to GPL-3+
  • Some minor bug fixes

New in version 9.2 (May 10th, 2009)

  • Re-enable some kinder, specific messages for certain duplicity exceptions, including I/O errors and 'destination out of space' errors
  • Enable translation of user documentation (man pages and manual)
  • Updated English (UK), French, German, and Russian translations

New in version 9.0 (April 26th, 2009)

  • Use 'nice' for duplicity subprocess to be less of a resource hog
  • Make folder include/exclude lists scrollable if too large
  • Add some additional default excludes and document all such defaults in the user help:
  • ~/.xsession-errors
  • ~/.recently-used.xbel
  • ~/.recent-applications.xbel
  • ~/Private (LP: #320019)
  • Support recent duplicity feature that allows migrating vfat users to new filename scheme
  • Show exception text if duplicity fails
  • Fix crash if gconf schema isn't installed (LP: #318146)
  • Let user cancel 'add directory' dialog (LP: #364690)
  • New Finnish, Pashto, and Russian translations

New in version 8.1 (April 3rd, 2009)

  • Fix use of ionice program that prevent deja-dup from working on kernel versions less than 2.6.25. LP: #352492

New in version 7.4 (February 12th, 2009)

  • Don't ask for S3 bucket name (and default to deja-dup). Buckets are S3-global and that default is certainly taken. Instead, generate bucket name from user ID. Ask user for an optional folder in the bucket instead.
  • Fix bug that prevented cleanup on FAT32.
  • If no passphrase is provided, turn off encryption.
  • Add better errors for a couple cases (bad encryption password, not signed up for S3).
  • New Dutch translation
  • Updated French, Hebrew, and Spanish translations

New in version 7.3 (February 4th, 2009)

  • Fix SSH password problem, preventing the SSH backend from working

New in version 7.2 (February 3rd, 2009)

  • Enforce volume size of 5M, regardless of duplicity's default
  • New Norwegian Bokmal translation
  • Updated German and Swedish translations

New in version 7.0 (January 29th, 2009)

  • Add nautilus extension to restore files via a right click
  • Fix crash when restoring from an empty folder or from FAT32
  • Make backup progress bar more accurate for large backups
  • Updated German and Swedish translations

New in version 6.0 (January 20th, 2009)

  • Allow restoring from any backup time point, not just the most recent
  • Allow backing up to a Windows partition
  • Clean up any leftover backend files from aborted previous runs
  • Don't have scheduled backup start while a manual backup is happening
  • Don't hang when non-UTF-8 characters appear in filenames
  • Fix a bug with local folder selection when not using the file dialog
  • Be more forceful about killing duplicity subprocesses, to avoid orphaned ones
  • New Galician and German translations

New in version 5.2 (January 8th, 2009)

  • Fix crash when cancelling while preparing a backup, and don't try to backup ~/.gvfs.

New in version 5.0 (January 7th, 2009)

  • New simple backup wizard, accurate backup progress bars, new help documentation, and a new Swedish translation.

New in version 4.0 (December 31st, 2008)

  • A new SSH backend has been added, along with a new restore wizard. Some common never-should-be-backed-up directories are now excluded by default (think /tmp, ~/.cache) and a few bugs were fixed.
  • A new Spanish translation was added, and the French one was updated.

New in version 3.0 (December 5th, 2008)

  • Now regular backups can be scheduled.
  • Also, a new French translation.

New in version 2.1 (December 2nd, 2008)

  • A small bug fix to make sure that duplicity errors are shown. Sometimes with 2.0, Déjà Dup would silently fail.

New in version 1.0 (October 17th, 2008)

  • Supports backing up to Amazon S3 or a local directory