Data Crow Changelog

New in version 4.0.14

January 14th, 2015
  • Data Crow server performance has been improved. Performance is still not optimal but has been increased but approximately 25%. Images are now served by Jetty, which will also be used for hosting the web application (version 4.1). Additionally the connection between client and server is reused (as it should be) instead of established on each request.

New in version 4.0.12 (January 4th, 2015)

  • Fixed:
  • User fields not visible on the form.
  • Conversion from single reference to multi-reference could fail in case of invalid entries in the database.
  • New:
  • Portuguese help files, major thanks to Pedro (pmraps)!

New in version 4.0.11 (January 3rd, 2015)

  • Changed:
  • has been removed due to the restrictive authentication flow.
  • Fixed:
  • Security fix; regardless of the field security settings fields were still shown to users.
  • Fixed an issue with non US-ASCII filenames; backup process failed.
  • Issue with custom reference fields linked to the music album module. These always showed up as a "Record Label" module.
  • Item importer; child items on update of existing items failed. Trying to update an existing music album would not update the music tracks.
  • Parent key cannot be NULL exception when trying to save a music album after updating it with an online service.

New in version 3.12.5 (October 10th, 2013)

  • Fixed:
  • Ratings again shown as boxes in the quick view. Fixed - for now and ever.
  • File Importer issues fixed where items were not added to the view (but became visible after a restart). Rare occurrence.
  • Module settings for Software table view caused columns to show multiple times. Default setting has been fixed.
  • Deletion no longer allowed from Media module. Enabling this would cause deletion in general to go a lot slower.
  • Category was no longer processed correctly for the Softpedia online search.
  • Changed:
  • After an import the view will now always refresh instead of adding the items one by one immediately after they have been processed. This improves speed and just works a better.
  • Removed setting "Add directly" from file import; Data Crow will now always add items directly.

New in version 3.12.4 (October 7th, 2013)

  • Fixed:
  • Error in the "Copy Module Wizard".
  • Ratings not displayed (depending on font settings) in the quick view panel.
  • service was not working correctly after update of their site.
  • Cannot create new person-modules.
  • Upgrade error fixed for older versions.
  • Spelling errors (lend/lent)
  • CSV item importer could result in errors.
  • service down. Switched to for now.
  • Changed:
  • Rating star images have been changed.
  • Added ISBN 10 and ISBN 13 fields to the quick filter.
  • The online search has been rewritten completely.

New in version 3.12.3 (September 9th, 2013)

  • Fixed:
  • Alter module wizard: change field; maximum length always defaulted to 255.
  • Potential issue for Template Name and Default field. These could conflict with the normal fields of the module.
  • Exported field order is now the same each time.
  • Item matching on import is now also done on the "key fields".

New in version 3.12.2 (August 16th, 2013)

  • Changed:
  • Updated German translation: big thanks to Ralf GeiƟ!
  • Template default and name have been moved to the "Template Properties" tab.
  • Fixed:
  • Changes not saved using the quick filter on resource editor.
  • Filter not saved when value is empty.
  • Template not applied to items retrieved by the online search.
  • Templates overview settings incorrect

New in version 3.12.1 (August 4th, 2013)

  • Fixed:
  • Icons for containers not shown in trees, fields and in the quick view.
  • Icon for modules disappears in the Media module.
  • Error loading setting if value is erroneously empty.
  • Changed:
  • Merging property items will now also update the "alternative names" field, merging items returned from online searches, etc., automatically.
  • In the past, due to performance issues, I had refrained from updating trees in case a property was changed. This has now been fully implemented; changing an icon will immediately be reflected on trees, multi-reference views and the quick view panel.
  • Added quick filter to the related items and fixed the sorting.
  • Added quick filter for the items tab of containers. Sorting cannot be fixed just yet.
  • Several minor layout changes (button alignment) such as for the tool select wizard and the update all dialog.
  • New:
  • Added a right-click option for the related items tab of the item form to remove the selected items as a reference.

New in version 3.12 (August 3rd, 2013)

  • Poor version 3.11. It only took a couple of days and then it got replaced by version 3.12. This really is for the most part a cosmetic edition. I have changed the layout a bit further. This is also a preparation for the web GUI since I want to keep the layout for both the same, for as far as possible. Due to the list of changes made and the addition of new functionality I have decided to release this as a normal version instead of a minor version.
  • New:
  • The property items overview (found in the Administration menu) gained a new tool: delete unassigned items. This will remove all properties not assigned to any other item For example a category not used in software items will be removed.
  • Another new tool for the properties module is the merge functionality. Having many categories (for example) which actually have the same meaning? Merge them all into one property. All references to the properties will be corrected (without duplication, of course).
  • The Resource Editor now has find and replace functionality.
  • Changed:
  • The screen is now much cleaner and it makes the application look simpler.
  • The file associations setting now also allows parameters to be defined.
  • New items tab has been removed.
  • Online Search will now directly save the item instead of adding the item to the "new" tab.
  • Chart tab has been removed. You can open the new charts dialog from the tools menu as well as from the tool bar.
  • Create Multiple Items tool has been added (as a replacement for the new items tab).
  • Item importer will open the new items dialog to lists the imported items before saving them.
  • The module bar has been changed. Labels have been removed. Additionally the select module section has been improved. Selecting a sub module will highlight it on the main module panel.
  • Improved startup time by building forms on demand instead of on startup (where possible) 4.9 seconds on an almost empty database in 3.12 against 6.0 seconds on the same database with version 3.11.1.
  • has been changed and the information is of limited use now to Data Crow. This service has been disabled.
  • Help has been updated to reflect all of the above (press F1 once in a while just for the sake of using it).
  • The Find and Replace utility now also allows you to change one reference with another.
  • Update all now refreshed the overview after updating the items (instead of updating one by one).
  • Fixed:
  • On startup Data Crow tried to modify files in the installation folder, causing problems for Windows platforms. Data Crow can now be launched without administrator permissions.
  • Applying settings such as the language change was only properly applied after a restart.
  • Sort order of persons has been fixed (always sorts on complete name now, takes care of rewritten names).
  • Screen parts resized ever so slightly and ever so annoyingly.
  • Could not really tell which module was selected.
  • Fix for launching files from the Quick View Panel.
  • Column order for tables not correctly applied.