New in version 10.4

November 14th, 2013
  • Data shift due to a change in the Accuweather site for an appeal for donations for the Philippines.
  • Corrections made in the file "~/conky/meteo_english/meteo" line 73.

New in version 10.3 (March 22nd, 2013)

  • More new changes on the site "Accuweather" taken into account. Reprogramming file "meteo".
  • There is also the change in the name of the icons, so renaming icons weather.
  • I recreate an archive for icons themes (Weather Themes V2).

New in version 10.2 (March 4th, 2013)

  • Reconfiguration of the file "meteo" to take into account changes on the site "Accuweather".
  • Error Corrections for updates data Accuweather made.
  • Parameter "own_window" set to "yes" in ".conkyrc_meteo_english_data."
  • Parameter "background" set to "yes" in the ".conkyrc".
  • No up-to-day programmed "" between 11:50 p.m. and 0:10 a.m. to prevent downloads too close.
  • Possibility of preventing the up-to-day programmed "" when "synaptic" is loaded because I had serious problems to update packages on my system (remove the "#" before the lines 13 to 18 in the file "~/conky/meteo_english/
  • Adding trace file "~/conky/meteo_english/suivi" for updates data Accuweather limited to 40 lines (end of file meteo).
  • Test network connection possible (remove the "#" before the lines 152 to 165 and add a "#" before the line 167 in the file "~/conky/meteo_english/")

New in version 10 (January 28th, 2013)

  • Loading data obtained from the website "Accuweather" is now done separately by conky additional ".conkyrc_meteo_english_data" I started automatically by the file "meteo_english_data" loading XFCE (same opportunity for other distributions).
  • File deletion "meteo_english_refresh."
  • Directly weather refresh at midnight + 15 seconds in ".conkyrc_meteo_english_data" via the file "meteo".
  • Adding "" conditions to delete the data loading "Accuweather" between 11:45 p.m. et 0:15 to prevent the risk of two downloads close around midnight.
  • Delivery of value-update interval to 1 (that I had changed to slow messages "rotate.lua").
  • Line Doubling messages about current conditions and the lunar cycle in "rotate.lua."
  • Creation launcher switch (1 click opens the conky, click closes another one) "meteo_english_data_panel" to stop and restart "meteo_english_data."
  • Launchers switches are located in the "meteo_english/launchers/". You can copy them to "/usr/local/bin/".
  • Display a pattern of waiting in the different panels (time to settle in meteo.cfg)
  • Rename ".conkyrc_meteo_english" (conky only one panel) with ".conkyrc_meteo_english_gen."
  • Recalibration of windows ".conkyrc_chargement" (Transparency and size).
  • Adding theme "AccuWeather" in the basic version.

New in version 9 (January 3rd, 2013)

  • Taking account of errors in the file "meteo" and ".conkyrc_meteo_english".
  • Crop window "meteo_details_english".
  • Configuration change "" to avoid copying the full theme icons in the "icones" folder.
  • Creating a new style of weather in conky three panels (one in one single panel always exist)
  • I created 4 launchers in a XFCE panel (1 click opens the conky, 1 another click closes)
  • "" to launch ".conkyrc_meteo_english_cc",
  • "" to launch ".conkyrc_meteo_english_5j",
  • "" to launch ".conkyrc_meteo_english_lu",
  • and finally "" to launch".conkyrc_english_details".
  • You can copy these files in "/usr/local/bin".
  • The data displayed by "rotate.lua" put a few seconds to appear.
  • I tried to find another application to create my launchers only with text labels, but for now I don 'have not found anything yet (I think with panels from other distributions it is possible to do what I did it with XFCE).
  • I also changed the color of the border of my conky.
  • All weather data are loaded at startup conky ".conkyrc_meteo_english_cc" by the launcher "" which is the current weather panel.

New in version 8.2 (December 20th, 2012)

  • ".conkyrc_meteo_english" and "meteo" file problem : I started mixing English and French versions, sorry. I do not have realized immediately because I have both versions installed in parallel.
  • The choice of a single theme or random now specify "meteo.cfg."
  • Removing the theme "wireart" in "" too dark and invisible.

New in version 8 (December 12th, 2012)

  • Reconfiguration of the file "meteo" to take into account changes on the site "Accuweather".
  • I also join in the archive both necessary fonts to be copied into "~/.fonts" and then type in a terminal "sudo fc-cache -fv" that integrates the system.

New in version 7.1 (November 29th, 2012)

  • Resolution error "".
  • Master files and themes are in two separate archives.