Compcache Changelog

New in version 0.6.2

January 29th, 2010
  • Sync-up with mainline version which includes changes below.
  • Lots and lots of cleanups.
  • Use small case for ramzswap module parameter: NUM_DEVICES -> num_devices.
  • Add three module parameters: backing_swap, memlimit_kb and disksize_kb to allow initializing the first device (/dev/ramzswap0) without using rzscontrol utility (see Issue #50).
  • Use 'struct page' instead of 32-bit PFNs in ramzswap driver and xvmalloc. This is to make these 64-bit safe.
  • xvmalloc is no longer a separate module and does not export any symbols. Its compiled directly with ramzswap block driver.
  • Removed useless {load,unload} scripts.
  • Fix to make sure disksize matches usable pages in backing swap file.
  • Fix memory leak in (rare) error condition in init_device().
  • Fix memory leak in (rare) failure in create_device().
  • Remove swap discard hooks. Swap notifiers makes these redundant.
  • Unify init_device() fail path and reset_device().
  • Do not accept backing swap with bad pages.
  • Fix zero-page accounting.
  • Use lock for 64-bit stats to prevent value corruption.
  • Rewrite swap notify patch.
  • Fix crash when reset is called when there are pending I/Os.