Community Z Tools Changelog

New in version 1.5.0

July 16th, 2009
  • This release is a snapshot of all the CZT tools that are currently under development, including tools for the Z, Object-Z and Circus formal specification languages.
  • czt_1_5_0_bin.jar is a binary release of CZT, which can be used as a GUI program or a command line program.
  • For example:
  • 1. Click on the .jar file to open the CZT GUI.
  • 2. Or do 'java -jar czt_1_5_0_bin.jar' to open the CZT GUI.
  • 3. Do 'java -jar czt_1_5_0_bin.jar --help' to use the command line interface.
  • is a CZT plugin for Eclipse 3.4. To install it, just unzip this .zip file into your top-level Eclipse folder (the one that contains the 'features' and 'plugins' directories), then restart Eclipse.
  • The 'File / New / Other.../ CZT / CZT Project' command can be used to create a new CZT project, and then 'File / New / Z Specification' to create Z specifications. There is a CZT manual in the Eclipse 'Help / Help Contents' page.
  • You should also install the following CZT font.
  • CZTSans_1_5_0.ttf is a Bitstream Vera font with all the Unicode characters for Z added. You must install this on your system so that the Eclipse and jEdit editors can display the correct Unicode characters for Z. WARNING: on Windows systems this font may cause some Microsoft programs to crash - eg. Visual Studio Form Designer gives an illegal memory access error if this font is installed on the system.
  • contains all the CZT source files, including svn information. To compile it, you will need a recent version of Java and Maven. See the INSTALL.txt file for details.