ClamTk Changelog

New in version 5.07

June 14th, 2014
  • Fix to make ClamTk show up again in Dash and other areas (clamtk.desktop); the OnlyShowIn portion from 5.06 removed it
  • Improve two tooltips in Settings panel
  • Minor fix to wording in Update panel
  • Standardize locale files permissions
  • Updated language files: Arabic (ar), German (de), Azerbaijani (az), English (en_AU), Galician (gl), French (fr), Tamil (ta), Ukrainian (uk), Uzbek (uz), Finnish (fi), Romanian (ro), Spanish (es), Hebrew (he), Asturian (ast), Czech (cz), Dutch (nl), Malay (ms), Slovak (sk)

New in version 5.06 (May 4th, 2014)

  • Add some extra arguments to scan to avoid scanning accidents
  • Actually remove zenity from dependencies (i.e., from the build files); it was already removed from code in 5.05
  • Use ShowOnlyIn in .desktop file
  • Minor update for dpkg installation instructions in Help files
  • Minor display fix for the progressbar in the legacy version (Google Issue #17)
  • Temporary fix for incorrect text in Settings panel
  • Updated language files: Japanese (ja), Italian (it), German (de), Russian (ru), English (en_GB), Slovak (sk), Chinese (zh_TW)

New in version 5.05 (March 17th, 2014)

  • Preference to use single or double click in the main interface on the icons. No restart required (Google Issue #7).
  • Fix Analysis FileChooserButton reset issue (again). This time, ensure it is disabled after submitting a new file.
  • Minor encoding fix for,
  • Minor fix to use current version, not 5.00, in $ua (
  • Minor regex fix in selecting directories (
  • Removed last remnants of Gtk2::Tooltips, which is deprecated.
  • Remove zenity portion which has never been used.
  • Remove non-Italian strings from Italian (it) language file.
  • Standardize some words in
  • Minor cleanup.
  • Updated language files: Slovak (sk), Chinese (zh_TW), Italian (it), Dutch (nl), Bulgarian (bg), Czech (cs_CZ), Ukrainian (uk), Uzbek (uz), German (de), Finnish (fi), Asturian (ast), Galician (gl), Spanish (es), French (fr), Portuguese (pt), Hebrew (he), Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR), Malay (ms)

New in version 5.04 (February 17th, 2014)

  • Clear combobox text area after action (Launchpad #1276125).
  • Search button active without filename and update analysis reports (Launchpad #1276141).
  • Fix update problem (Google Issue #4, Launchpad #1273165).
  • Updated language files: Polish (pl), German (de), Bulgarian (bg), Azerbaijani (az), Spanish (es), Uzbek (uz)

New in version 5.03 (January 20th, 2014)

  • Re-add scheduler (Google Issue #1). This adds cron or cronie back as a dependency.
  • Update requirement for some distros to gnome-icon-theme-full, and gnome-icon-theme for some distros (Google Issue #2); for Fedora, it seems we need gnome-icon-theme-legacy. Depends on the distro.
  • Remove extra gettext subs
  • Fix ugly copyright symbol
  • Update year in multiple places, 2013 -> 2014
  • Minor help documentation and man page tweaks.
  • Updated language files: Slovak (sk), Punjabi (pa), Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR), Finnish (fi), Polish (pl), Ukrainian (uk), Malay (ms), Spanish (es), Chinese (zh_CN), Bulgarian (bg), Czech (cs), Asturian (ast), Galician (gl), Latvian (lv), Serbian Latin (sr@latin), Dutch (nl), English (en_UK), Indonesian (id), Marathi (mr), Hebrew (he)

New in version 5.02 (December 30th, 2013)

  • Add gnome-icon-theme to requirements (mostly affects KDE-based systems like Kubuntu; it's pretty standard with most distros)
  • Update statusbar after saving update preferences
  • Add missing icon in Nautilus context menu
  • Remove unused (notify-send and more) code from
  • Ensure FileChooserButton cannot be clicked with nothing (due to inability to reset)
  • Remove deprecated encoding pragma.
  • Updated language files: Bulgarian (bg), Czech (cs), Slovak (sk), Chinese (zh_CN), Irish (ga)

New in version 5.01 (November 23rd, 2013)

  • Fix minimum Gtk2 version to >= 1.241
  • Fix parsing issue on paths with spaces and special characters
  • Update VT file size limit
  • Correct quarantine sorting from lexical to spaceship operator (numerically ascending)
  • Allow quarantine scrollwindow to actually scroll
  • Results columns are now resizable
  • Updated language files: English (en_CA), Finnish (fi), Spanish (es), Greek (el_GR), Chinese (zh_CN), Azerbaijani (az), Uyghur (ug), Dutch (nl)

New in version 5.00 (November 11th, 2013)

  • Right-click file manager support; uses nautilus-python
  • Use of Virustotal API; requires perl-JSON and perl-LWP-Protocol-https
  • Now using Time::Piece instead of Date::Calc; it's a Perl built-in
  • Now using Digest::SHA (sha256) instead of Digest::MD5
  • Built-in documentation (requires yelp); currently English only...
  • Updated language files: German (de), Bulgarian (bg), Galician (gl), Ukrainian (uk), Russian (ru), English (en_UK), Malay (ms), Hebrew (he), Italian (it), Dutch (nl), Asturian (ast), Uzbek (uz), Chinese (zh_TW), Finnish (fi), Spanish (es), Croatian (hr), Marathi (mr), Chinese (zh_CN), Slovak (sk), Indonesian (id), Latvian (lv), Azerbaijani (az)

New in version 4.45 (May 27th, 2013)

  • Fixed and improved submit file for analysis functionality. Thanks to those who reported the bug and tested the fix!
  • Updated date information (2012 -> 2013).
  • Updated Asturian (ast) language file. Thanks, Xuacu!
  • Updated Bulgarian (bg) language file. Thanks, Atanas!
  • Updated Croatian (hr) language file. Thanks, freedomrun!
  • Updated Danish (da_DK) language file. Thanks, Ask!
  • Updated Finnish (fi) language file. Thanks, Jiri!
  • Updated Lithuanian (lt) language file. Thanks, Mantas!
  • Updated Polish (pl) language file. Thanks, Mike!
  • Updated Spanish (es) language file. Thanks, evanjt!
  • Updated Thai (th) language file. Thanks, Kantinan!