New in version 0.3.3

May 31st, 2012
  • This version fixes parsing of globalcfg, adds parser support for "service instance", and adds for checking template syntax and directory structure.

New in version 0.3.2 (January 10th, 2012)

  • FIXED: checking ACL defined as symblic link
  • FIXED: ACL counter in report
  • FIXED: removing '_' character from end of section filename
  • FEATURE: new output report mode: "COPY_AND_PASTE_MODE", please see UPGRADE file for details
  • FEATURE: added support for "object-group" section
  • FEATURE: skipping empty lines in templates
  • NOTE: Please see UPGRADE file when upgrading from previous version

New in version 0.3.1 (January 3rd, 2011)

  • A section reporting bug and parsing errors for "mac access-list" on 760X series were fixed.
  • The parser was rewritten to be up to 50% faster.

New in version 0.3.0 (December 7th, 2010)

  • CTM version 0.3.0 has new major feature and one fix:
  • FEATURE: The CTM has better support of access control list - ACLs checking. The CTM now supports the following ACL types:
  • access-list
  • ip access-list
  • ipv6 access-list
  • mac access-list
  • Main difference between common section files and ACL files is the way of checking. From CTM version 0.3.0 the template ACL and cisco ACL is compared with diff command which will ensure the right squence of every ACL line. The older stable versions 0.2.x were comparing only if the template line is located in "global.template" not the right sequence of the line which is imporant in the ACL definition. (update of template files needed).
  • FIXED: temporary file in /tmp directory

New in version 0.2.2 (November 22nd, 2010)

  • FIXED: description checking. Now the pre-defined description format in the ".def" file is automaticaly checked with starting ^ and $ at the end.
  • FIXED: number of interface(s) counter
  • FEATURE: typo in description is now counted as an error on the interface
  • FEATURE: added support for parsing new sections:
  • ipv6 router
  • class-map
  • policy-map

New in version 0.2.1 (October 25th, 2010)

  • This release has better performance up to 25%, small fixes in documentation, reporting and debug mode. No new features has been added.

New in version 0.2.0 (September 17th, 2010)

  • added new option to configuration file AVAILABLE_TEMPLATES=1
  • added an option "parseonly" to
  • small typo fixes in scripts
  • New configuration option 'AVAILABLE_TEMPLATES' file will print list of all available templates and roles when executing all CTM script. Now you have a nice overview over your templates and roles.
  • New optional parameter "parseonly" will help you with defining new templates from existing Cisco configuration file. Cisco's config is parsed to separated files and stored in your home directory. This will help you when creating new global, section or service_id templates.