Chi Changelog

New in version November 16, 2012

November 17th, 2012
  • Added xfwm4
  • Reworked openbox3 theme to match.
  • Rework of button look to lighter shade
  • Thinned down upper bottom rail of menu to match, the rest of menu rails.
  • Added menu-sticker to menu, comment lines, 633 and 634 of gtkrc if you want to remove it from the style "menu".
  • Increased intensity of toolbutton normal and prelight.
  • Changed vert. line separator to match horz gold look.
  • Changed option/checkbox highlight look.
  • Changed the selected bg color, insensitive fg, insensitive text. for better clarity.
  • Increased contrast and brightened scrollbar slide gripper prelight, same with status grip and arrow prelights.
  • Changed handlebar look.
  • Thinned down and changed the focus entry .png, added a separate focus spin entry to match. Now when in entry field the surround just intensifies.
  • Removed some uneeded text entry .pngs from folder and gtkrc.
  • Increased the space between text and tooltip surround, for a nice uncluttered look.
  • Changed Xnotify and set to tooltip look.
  • Added another panel bg, both horiz and vert, increased size to 38 px, reduced rail size to give apps a nice set in look.
  • New panel normal button.
  • Updated panel gtkrc, mostly in panel config for unified panel button-app look size.
  • Increased tree arrow size.