CentOS Live CD Changelog

New in version 6.3

July 10th, 2012
  • In accordance with upstream CentOS 6.3 now includes libreoffice as Office suite. The "Desktop" install group will automatically install the complete suite. If you update from a previous version of CentOS 6 using 'yum update' and have openoffice installed, the update will automatically remove openoffice and install libreoffice. See this link for further information.
  • Upstream has deprecated the matahari API set for operating system management. User who choose to continue to use matahari should - as always - install the updates provided with CentOS 6.3. Matahari will not be part of future upstream releases and therefore also not of future CentOS releases. See here for more information.
  • There are new tools for moving machines (both Virtual and Physical) from their current format to a Virtual KVM Machine. The packages responsible are called virt-p2v (physical to virtual) and virt-v2v (virtual to virtual). Please see the upstream documentation linked in the further reading section of these release notes for more information on these exciting enhancements.