Cdiff Changelog

New in version 0.9.1

June 12th, 2013
  • Use --no-ext-diff to disable GIT_EXTERNAL_DIFF and diff.external which might break cdiff output

New in version 0.8 (March 13th, 2013)

  • Parser is now robust enough to handle dangling headers and short patch
  • PEP8 (with minor own flavors) and other code lint
  • Change 'Development Status' to stable

New in version 0.7.1 (February 25th, 2013)

  • Handle 'Binary files ... differ'
  • Document update for known issues

New in version 0.6 (February 21st, 2013)

  • A few performance tuning and code clean up
  • Add unit test cases with coverage 70%
  • Show merge history in svn log

New in version 0.5.1 (February 19th, 2013)

  • Fixed incorrect yield on diff missing eof
  • Fixed a bug in diff format probe
  • Handle keyboard interrupt and large diffs in non-color mode
  • Code clean up

New in version 0.3 (February 8th, 2013)

  • Support compare two files (wrapper of diff)

New in version 0.2 (February 6th, 2013)

  • Move to top dir for better meta info management

New in version 0.1 (February 5th, 2013)

  • New --version option
  • now read version from source code