New in version 0.3.0

March 19th, 2010
  • Drop glitz and openvg backends, we wait for new opengl cairo backend to add 3D support in CCM
  • Use more classical dialog box for configuration and snapshot
  • Vala is now required to build cairo-compmgr
  • Add a mosaic ("exposé") plugin that you can activate with Tab keys
  • Add experimental clone plugin which provide the capability to an external application to get the content of any showed window.
  • Add the capability to launch the configuration in command line with cairo-compmgr --configure command.
  • Fix many bugs and performance issues.

New in version 0.2.91 (February 28th, 2009)

  • first many performance improvement
  • all dependencies of libgnome are removed
  • perf plugin and it’s depencies to libgtop has became optionnal
  • all settings are migrated to key files located in user dirs ($HOME/.config/cairo-compmgr), if you want use gconf you can force cairo-compmgr to use it with –use-gconf paramater when you launch it.
  • a new snapshot plugin is added which provide to take a snapshot of screen region when you selected an area with mouse and (Windows) button pressed or take a snapshot of window when you click on it with pressed.
  • a new decoration plugin which allow to have alpha window decoration.
  • the region management has completly rewrite and now use pixman (>=0.12).
  • the shadow has improved to manage better and take less ressource to draw shadow.
  • the window transformation has be rewritten, it manage now a stack of transformation on paint.
  • an experimental input redirection is available without any Xorg patch is available, it needs some work to be functionnal.
  • an new settings dialog and API is available, it is really on beginning for now it only manage the plugin activation/desactivation.
  • ccm support vala binding and it have a sample vala plugin (vala-window-plugin)
  • a very experimental automate plugin which record/play user input is available too.
  • API documentation is added and available here :
  • and some others fixes