CDemu Changelog

New in version 2.1.0

June 10th, 2013
  • This version adds a MacBinary/NDIF file filter, a new resource fork parser for DMG, samplerate conversion for the SndFile filter, non-blocking I/O, and dynamic device addition/removal.

New in version 2.0.0 (December 28th, 2012)

  • CMake is now used instead of Autotools.
  • ISZ, CSO, and DMG file filters were added.
  • The DAA parser was converted to a file filter, and support for the related GBI format was added.
  • Audio fragment was converted to a file filter.
  • The image analyzer now displays disc structures.
  • Contextual features, support for GObject introspection, better caching, support for GZIP and XZ compressed images, and support for ECM'ed files was added.
  • The CIF parser was improved.
  • Mode setting was fixed.
  • Partial support was provided for (one track) MDX images.
  • gCDEmu can now act like a Unity indicator.
  • GVFS support was improved.

New in version 1.5.0 (January 23rd, 2012)

  • The dbus and gconf bindings have been switched out with newer GDBus and Gsettings, which is part of the New GiO framework in GObject.
  • The Gnome client was switched from GTK2 bindings to GTK3 using the new pygobject introspective binding.
  • There's been a major code cleanup as well.
  • This release has partial CSS support, bash completion, parser fixes, and analyzer gfx fixes, and is probably python3 ready.

New in version 1.4.0 (September 26th, 2011)

  • In addition to bugfixes and some cleanup, this release brings a major rewrite of both the daemon and the clients.
  • The CDEmu daemon is not a traditional "daemon" anymore.
  • Instead, it is a regular application which utilizes the D-Bus (auto)start facility for both session and system bus instances.
  • Both cdemu-client and gCDEmu have been changed to single-file Python scripts.
  • gCDEmu has been changed from a GNOME applet into a standalone Gtk application.