Bolt (OCaml) Changelog

New in version 1.4

February 14th, 2013
  • API change: introduction of modes, allowing to choose when data is written
  • API change: updated support for Pajé format (version 1.2.3)
  • support for '&&' and '||' in filters (new configuration format only)
  • new 'minimal' layout using only message
  • new 'bell' output writing the bell character on the standard output
  • new 'say' output using MacOS X text-to-speech
  • support for Growl under Windows
  • bug#86: '-ocaml-prefix' doesn't really work
  • bug#87: install shouldn't build anything
  • bug#89: do not activate warnings by default
  • bug#105: crashes with 'Not_found' when both BOLT_FILE and BOLT_CONFIG are not set
  • bug#107: when using syntax extension with level NONE, preprocessed code should not depend on library