BlueJ Changelog

New in version 3.0.2

October 7th, 2010
  • Various small bugs were fixed.

New in version 3.0.0 (May 31st, 2010)

  • Editor: Introduced code completion editor
  • Editor: Added editor navigation view
  • Editor: Added editor auto-indent function
  • Editor: Introduced scope highlighting
  • Editor: Improved find/replace functionality
  • Look and feel changes
  • Editor: Improved matching bracket highlight
  • Double-click on project.bluej file launches BlueJ and opens project
  • Added context menu (right-click) in editor
  • Javadoc shown for calls to inner classes
  • 'Print' option added in terminal
  • 'Paste' function added in terminal
  • Printing options saved across sessions
  • Source code printing can now include line numbers and syntax colouring
  • OK/Cancel button ordering now follows OS custom on Mac OS
  • Editor: word selection improved
  • Menu item added for "Reset Java Virtual Machine"
  • Many bugs fixes and small improvements.

New in version 2.5.0 (October 7th, 2008)

  • This version contains many improvements, including support for Java ME development, support for Subversion repositories for team work, greatly improved unit test recording, and many bugfixes.