New in version 5.4.14

November 8th, 2008
  • Installers are now able to register Windows file extensions at the user scope.
  • New actions 'encodeBase64' and 'decodeBase64' allow to encode/decode any string using base64.
  • New 'componentTest' rule, allow to check the presence of a component on the current project.
  • Link creation now supports abort/retry/ignore.
  • Fixed issue in OS X case-sensitive HFS+ file systems.
  • Fix 'showProgressDialog' action for Linux 64-bit platforms.
  • POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY: Japanese language code is now 'ja' instead of the current 'jp'. Most customers will not be affected because 'jp' is also recognized automatically, but there may be an issue is you explicitly use variable 'installation_language_code' in you code.
  • Fixed issue with 'registryGetKey' and 'registryGetMatch' not being case-insensitive in certain cases.
  • Fix missing text messages on OS X root installations.
  • Fix OS X firewall warning being thrown when running the installers.
  • New 'uninstallationLogFile' project property, allow to configure the path for the log file during uninstallation.
  • Installers now show a meaningful error message when the specified encoding is incorrect or not supported.
  • New convenience 'isTrue' and 'isFalse' rules.

New in version 5.4.13 (September 19th, 2008)

  • The cancel button is now disabled during uninstallation.