Bedrock Linux Changelog

New in version 1.0 Beta 1

July 4th, 2014
  • brp was rewritten as a fuse filesystem;
  • it now updates on-the-fly
  • it now supports files other than just executables, such as man pages and .desktop files.
  • A new client.conf configuration item, share, can be used in place of bind where users would like new mount points to be default global.
  • Numerous improvements to brs:
  • Now supports "update" which can add new configuration settings to existing clients without first disabling them.
  • Now has hooks to run programs before/after a client is enabled/disabled.
  • Various improvements to bri:
  • bri -s now provides more output should a client not be properly enabled, such as if a mount point is missing or a mount point is not the type of mount point it should be.
  • bri -m now indicates if a given mount point is "OK" or not what it is expected/configured to be (which would be indicative of a problem).
  • Various parts of bri have been refactored to no longer assume PID1 is in the core in preperation for supporting init systems from clients.

New in version 1.0 Alpha 3 (January 17th, 2013)

  • significant performance improvements
  • brc (~1/2000th Momo's overhead delay, see here for benchmarks)
  • brp (~1/4000th-1/100th Momo's execution time)
  • significantly reduced number of mount points (~1/100th Momo's count)
  • reworked configuration files
  • brclients.conf now follows ini format
  • brclients.conf now supports "frameworks" to reduce editing work
  • capchroot.allow dropped
  • /etc/fstab no longer necessary for adding client share items
  • experimental support for using precompiled components from clients in core
  • busybox (if static and minimum applets are met)
  • linux kernel (with modules and initrd if required)
  • moved bedrock directory from /opt to root
  • removed (/opt)/bedrock/lib
  • included new bri command

New in version 1.0 Alpha 2 (October 1st, 2012)

  • fixed (harmless) mount warnings on boot (rcS, brc)
  • support for static /dev (rcS, rc.conf)
  • fixed (harmless) warnings during /tmp cleanup on boot and shutdown (rcS, rcK)
  • switched TIMEZONE to TZ to avoid confusion (rcS, rc.conf, profile)
  • If using udev, support setting which client's udev via UDEV_CLIENT (rcS, rc.conf)
  • rc.local is now run before brs during boot (rcS)
  • Bedrock Linux ASCII logo on echoed on boot and shutdown (rcS,rcK)
  • Unmounting during shutdown prints remaining mount points to unmount. (rcK)
  • added hashbang line to rcK.clients (rcK.clients)
  • improved comments in /etc/fstab
  • added PATH warning in rc.local
  • fixed space quote/escaping issue (brc,brp,brl)
  • improved brw speed, and added ability to store values to disk to further improve speed substancially.
  • added explanation and examples to brclients.conf
  • brp now recognizes BR_CREATE_MISSING
  • brp previously created unnecessarily long paths in the brpath executable wrappers. Fixed.
  • bru now properly accepts stdin
  • bru now has a -y flag to automatically respond "y" to every prompt