Baobab Changelog

New in version 3.14.1

October 14th, 2014
  • Fix url in manpage
  • Updated translations (br, fa, fur, gd, it, hi, kk, lv, pt, zh_CN)
  • Updated documentation translations (el, hu, pt_BR)

New in version 3.14.0 (September 23rd, 2014)

  • Misc fixes
  • Updated translations (bg, bn_IN, da, fi, gu, ja, ko, ml, mr, ne, pa, pl, sl, sk, sr, sv, ta, te, uk)

New in version 3.14 Beta 2 (September 3rd, 2014)

  • Add X-GNOME-Utilities category to .desktop file
  • Updated translations (as, ca, ca@valencia, cs, eu, fr, gu, kn, or, zh_HK, zh_TW)

New in version 3.13.2 (July 29th, 2014)

  • Import custom CSS, use icon as resources, various other adaptation to GTK+ changes
  • Visual fixes for the ringschart and the chart switcher
  • Updated translations (de, el, es, gl, he, hu, id, lt, nb, nl, pt_BR, ru, sl, tr)

New in version 3.13.1 (May 28th, 2014)

  • Use more specific error messages (bug 686136)
  • Adapt to recent GTK+ changes
  • Updated translations (cs, es, he, id, lt, pt_BR sv)
  • Updated documentation translations (el, fi)

New in version 3.12.1 (April 14th, 2014)

  • Make DBus-activatable
  • Fix a problem at startup with treemap as default chart
  • Misc bugfixes
  • Updated translations (id, pt_BR)

New in version 3.12.0 (March 25th, 2014)

  • Misc bugfixes (make sure to clear the hardlink list before rescanning, fix a warning)
  • Updated translations (cs, de, es, fr, hu, id, pt_BR)

New in version 3.11.1 (February 6th, 2014)

  • Updated help pages
  • Minor fixes
  • Updated translations (an, el, es, kn, or, nl, pt_BR, ta, zh_CN)

New in version 3.10.1 (October 15th, 2013)

  • Updated translations (ca@valencia, fa, tr, zh_CN).