BSCommander Changelog

New in version 4.1.0

September 20th, 2008
  • it is implemented a dialog where user have a possibility to select any directory from tree of directories. After that, contents of the directory is displayed in the current panel,
  • now user have possibility to craete MD5 control sum for a selected file. The control file have an extension '.md5sum',
  • for selected a MD5 control file, user can check if the sum is valid (the checked file must be in the same directory),
  • it is implemented possibility to preserve date/time of last modification of copied file,
  • it is possibile to compare contents of two selected directiories (recursive),
  • now is implemented a special dialog where user can synchronize two directiories (in processing are used dates of last modification of files). After synchronization all files in directories have the same contents and the same dates of last modification. Synchronisation process works recursive.
  • user have now possibility to change date/time stamp of last modification for selected file(s).

New in version 4.0.08 Beta (September 16th, 2008)

  • was corrected small bugs in files diff process,
  • it is implemented new feature, called files joining.
  • User have possibilty to join one or more files.
  • Result of the proces is stored in the destination file.
  • Destination file can exist or not.
  • New content added to the destination file, can bee appened at end of the file, or inserted on beginning.