BRisa Framework Changelog

New in version 0.8

April 23rd, 2009
  • Major cleanup on the framework (old/unused modules removed)
  • Fixed PEP8 errors and files/methods/variables with wrong naming convention
  • Split between framework and applications
  • Separate documentation for developers and users
  • Various bug-fixes on the framework and applicationss
  • Thread management improvements (assured control over threads)
  • Better programmatic control over the control point
  • Better support for multiple instances of BRisa
  • Configuration API stabilized, using cPickle
  • Logging with more information (file, line, time)
  • DIDL completely refactored and now uses cElementTree
  • Added a simple command line tool for configuring (brisa-conf)
  • UPnP A/V specifics moved out from python-brisa
  • Added simple watch API for objects and SQLite databases
  • Improved debian packaging
  • Installation script ( enhanced
  • Added more examples to the directory