AwOken Changelog

New in version 2.5

March 25th, 2013
  • Added a full-featured colored version! More than 500 icons were re-drawed in colored mode.
  • Changed licensing: from cc-by-nc-sa to cc-by-sa! Now the iconset is completely free :)
  • Iconset updated to Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail!
  • Added ppa for Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal and Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail
  • Solved a bug in coloration script (many thanks to
  • Secure icons are now available in networkmanager
  • New ubuntuone icons, as well as new emoticons for chat
  • Added more than 50 xfce4 icons
  • Added icons for gnome 3.8 applications: gnome-games, gnome-documents, gnometris, quadrapassel, gnome-boxes, gnome-disks, and more
  • Added or redrawed more than 400 icons
  • Added more than 200 symbolic icons
  • Dropped ppa for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat, Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal

New in version 2.4 (February 25th, 2012)

  • Added AWOKEN folders! Now the set is integrated with the most cool and stylish folders ever!
  • Drastic revision of mimetypes: now they use a different template icon (modified from Elementary icon set), and they're more refined in 24x24 version!
  • Most of the 22x22 actions icons that have characterized the latest versions have been brought to 24x24px and 128x128px resolutions. So the iconset become cleaner, cooler and more integrated! Consequently, also some status icons are changed.
  • Mail icons redrawed (both in bigger and in lower resolution). Now your favourite email client's toolbar (except thunderbird) works like a charm!
  • Added ppa for precise.
  • Drastic revision of the colorization script: now is faster, cleaner and supports parallel processing. This lead to a serious improvement on latest multi-core machines, but also on elder computers. Another big improvement is related to the fact that is now accepting RGB colors instead of CMY colors!
  • Revision of the Installation and Instructions PDF file.
  • Removed gedit choice from the customization script (it's useless having the possibility to change only one icon!).
  • Removed some folder sub-types, since the iconset is became too big. They are classy-yellow, classy-carboard, classy-white, classy-black. For the same reason, removed (from other folder types) folder-joomla, folder-wip, folder-science2, folder-windows, folder-apple, folder-ffw, folder-byte, folder-cd, folder-fonts, folder-linux1, folder-linux2, folder-public, folder-important.
  • Application added (or redrawed): accessories-text-editor-symbolic, document-open-symbolic, network-wired-disconnected, ubuntuone emblems, gtk-zoom-100 in 22x22px, jdownloader, gwibber, mail-message-new, mail-forward, mail-outbox, mail-mark-important (-junk, -notjunk, -unread, -spam), mail-reply, mail-reply-all, mail-move, edit-delete-mail, extract-archive, add-files-to-archive, add-folder-to-archive, gnome-pie, gelemental, luminance-hdr, application-x-mint, grooveshark, mintinstall, addressbook icons, call-start, call-stop, fillmore, gpick, gftp, batti, marlin, kompozer, preferences-desktop, preferences-system, preferences-desktop-personal, mime for video, midori, djvulibre, plank, fontforge, ffanvil, general settings icons, kupfer, acetoneiso, videoporama, beatbox, nvclock, cryptkeeper, bino, isomaster (I hope), gpixpod, graveman, gshutdown, ogmrip, billardgl, foobillard, fedora live usb, mp3-splt-gtk, yarock, scim-setup, application-fonts, mono-runtime, gnome-settings-default-applications, nitrogen, musique
  • Application added (or redrawed) specifically for KDE version: application-x-tarz, imagewriter, script-error, code-context, edit-link, view-group, edit-select, select-rectangular, zoom-select, insert-text, select\_rectangular, run-build-install-root

New in version 2.3 (November 2nd, 2011)

  • AWOKENWHITE ICONSET RELEASED!!! Now it's possible to choose between three different iconsets by default: AwOken, AwOkenDark, and AwOkenWhite!
  • Complete revision of toolbar icons (for gedit, kate and so on): now they are more stylish and uniform.
  • NEW LIBREOFFICE ICONS! They are available both in the colored and in the mono versions.
  • Revision of messaging icons (status online and away).
  • Added ppa for Oneiric!
  • Full support to Unity-Oneiric icons, and improved Gnome-Shell integration.
  • Revision of the customization script: now in the act of customizing a single iconset it's possible passing arguments (thanks to getopts). This capabilities will be extended to most of the scripts in future releases.
  • Application added (or redrawed): muon, houdini, nuke, kdenlive, PsCS5, maya, mari, search_field, ardour, media-playback-pause 22x22 (slightly smaller), mendeley, zbrush, preferences-desktop-display, category-show-all, gsd-xrandr, preferences-color, text-x-apport, libpeas-plugin, goa-panel, goa-twitter, goa-facebook, goa-google, goa-yahoo, insert-link, locationbar-erase, system-upgrade, visualization, view-refresh, orca, aptdaemon-resolve, fullscreen, no-fullscreen, view-page-continuous, view-page-facing, system-upgrade, document-edit, document-export, document-import, document-new, document-print-preview, document-page-setup, edit-copy, edit-paste, filenew, gtk-file, gtk-dnd, gtk-dnd-multiple, edit-select-all, document-preview-archive, go-previous-view-page, go-next-view-page, go-last-view-page, go-first-view-page, touchpad-disabled, edit-undo, edit-redo, document-open, tab-close, window-close, tab-open, window-open, search, search-and-replace, input-tablet, input-dialpad, mail-inbox, eog, hwbrowser, applications-arcade, category-show-all, drive-harddisk-system, fork, empty-trash, indicator-weather, get-hot-new-stuff, indicator-virtualbox, tomboy-panel, note-taking applications in smaller dimensions (22x22 px), teamviewer, beaver, emblem-shared, object-rotate-left, object-rotate-right, object-flip-horizontal, object-flip-vertical.

New in version 2.2 (August 30th, 2011)

  • Complete support to Gnome-Shell tray icons (i.e. gnome-icon-theme-symbolic)
  • Revision of most of the iconset, with fully revamped AUDIO icons, NETWORK icons, BATTERY icons and ARROW icons!!!
  • As usual, corrected some bugs in the customization script and revisited the Installation and Instructions PDF file (to meet KDE users' necessities)
  • Added 371 new icons in small sizes (22x22 px)!!!
  • Corrected bug in KDE version related to colorization of qutim-message-new and kdewindows
  • Application added (or redrawed): softwarecenter, applications-microblogging-panel, boxee, edit-clear, edit-cut, amazon-mp3-store-source, format-indent-more, format-indent-less, gtk-missing-image, view-services-ampache-amarok, audacious-panel, elegant-gnome, gnome-power-preferences, terminal icons, k3b, lastfm, y-ppa-manager, applications-education-university, battery (both in color and in no-color modality), media-flash, audio-x-generic-symbolic, network-server, security-low, security-medium, security-high, microphone-sensitivity-high, microphone-sensitivity-low, microphone-sensitivity-medium, microphone-sensitivity-muted, mode-browse, mode-image-edit, network-cellular-3g, network-cellular-4g, network-cellular-acquiring, network-cellular-connected, network-cellular-edge, network-cellular-gprs, network-cellular-signal-excellent, network-cellular-signal-good, network-cellular-signal-none, network-cellular-signal-ok, network-cellular-signal-weak, network-cellular-umts-symbolic, software-update-available, software-update-urgent, stock_attach, x, computerjanitor, conky, internet-telephony, emblem-downloads, emblem-system

New in version 2.1 (July 8th, 2011)

  • In the customization script, xdg-open replaced evince, nautilus and eog: so it’s possible reading pdf and viewing previews even if you have not such applications! Thanks to artaserse for the tip!
  • Dark version slightly darker
  • Empathy icons in 16x16 size
  • New start-here icons for (three icons for type): xubuntu, kubuntu, lubuntu, chakra, kde; added also a couple of squared start-here, three umbrella start-here, five mageia icons, and three awoken icons designed for this application. With them, the choice is between 120 different start-here icons!
  • Full support to brasero icons (insert-pause, media-optical-audio-new, media-optical-copy, transform-crop-and-resize, iso-image-burn, media-optical-blank, media-optical-data-new, iso-image-new, media-optical-burn, media-optical-video-new), indicator-cpufreq, and tomboy icons
  • Updated Readme PDF
  • Icons added (or redrawed): musicdownloadcenter, gnome-network-preferences, qcad, me-tv, freetuxtv, tvtime, bluefish.xpm, google-chrome-unstable, gnome-lightsoff, gmailwatcher, google-earth, gnome-gmail-notifier, gmail-notify, prism-gmail-notify, audiobook, as-icon, adobe-flashplugin, bug-buddy, qt, qtassistant, qtconfig, qtlinguist,qtdesigner, qtcreator, abrt, deja-dup, devede, flegita, glade, gnome-panel-launcher, gnome-session, library-internet-radio, libreoffice-main, libreoffice-template, mitter, openbravo-erp, openerp-client, partner, postr, screenie, screenie-qt, smuxi, speedcrunch, susers, sylpheed, wordpress, lastfm, banshee, liferea (and most of other rss icons), firefox, twitux, twitter, gtwitter, licq, im-icq, limewire, gimp, vlc, library-podcast, media podcast, podcast, podcast-new, rhythmbox-podcast, thunderbird, homebank, wxbanker, system-file-manager, terminal and all icons related, firestarter, firewall icon, wine, wine-winecfg, wine-notepad, wine-winetricks, wine doors, document-page-setup,fslint, document-preview, contact-new, worldofgoo, appointment-new, application-default-icon, window-preferences,window-new, playlist, playlist-new, source-smart-playlist, ekiga (and all icons related to calls), amarok, gnome-tali, x,xchat, xkill, xorg, webcam (and all icons related), cheese, gnome-cpu-frequency-applet (and indicator-cpufreq), kmplot, applet-screenshooter (and all icon related), deluge, docky, gnome-remote-desktop, preferences-desktop-remote-desktop, d4x, jokosher, pcsx, tab-new, view-history, epiphany-history, history-view, notification-properties, ike,ike-qtgui, ikea, obconf, magnatune, jamendo, audacious-panel, format-indent-less, format-indent-more, mode-browse
  • Applications added (for KDE compatibility): rekonq, kcheckgmail, kgmailnotifier, akregator, kbugbuster, kaffeine,kate, kedit, kflickr, kfm, kmail, kmousetool, kmplayer, knotes, kopete, korganizer, kplayer, kradio, ksnapshot, ktorrent, x media podcast, kwalletmanager, kcoloredit, kolourpaint, kfind, kgpg, kmines, knetworkmanager, cervisia,kapptemplate, kcachegrind, konqueror, kdevelop, kdiff3, kimagemapeditor, klinkstatus, kommander, kompare, kui-viewer, kxsldbg, umbrello, kig, kcolorchooser, kover, koverartist, kalarm, kmyfirewall, ksane, kshutdown, ksudoku,ktimer, ktouch, kgrab, ksnapshot, kcall, kchart, kmenu, kruler, kwrite, tagua, nepomuk, continue-data-project,dashboard-show, document-edit, document-preview-archive, list-add-user, go-(first, next, previous, last)-view-page,im-ban-kick-user, im-invisible-user, im-user-away, im-user-offline, im-ban-user, im-kick-user, im-user-busy, im-user,insert-horizontal-rule, plasmagick, kahjongg, kpatience, ark, beagle, okular, kppp, kmix, synaptiks, quassel, dragon-player, partitionmanager, kontact, kmag, unknownapp, view-pim-contacts, view-presentation, view-media-lyrics,view-media-playlist, svn-commit, svn-update, webcamsend, webcamreceive, application-education-(mathematics,science, miscellaneous, preschool, language, school), applications-toys, applications-development-web, applications-development-translations, yakuake, semn, shell, edit-bomb, preferences-desktop-user-info, preferences-desktop-user-auth, preferences-desktop-color, preferences-desktop-filetype-association, preferences-desktop-kcalc-constants, preferences-desktop-text-to-speech, preferences-desktop-display-color, user-info, preferences-windows-actions, prefeerences-windows-move, preferences-web-browser-adblock, preferences-web-browser-identification, preferences-web-browser-cache, preferences-web-browser-shortcuts, preferences-web-browser-cookies, preferences-web-browser-stylesheets, timevault, preferences-desktop-cryptography, mameexecutor, oxygen, lokalize, kthesaurus, kverbos, kfilebox, kde-telepathy, internet-telephony,akonadi, knewsticker, kspread, kernel, kjournal, device-notifier, kword, krita, ksysguardd, korgac, ktip, esd, karbon,karbon14, kivio, kplato, kolf, kblogger, kdf, krdc, ksniffer, kuickshow, qelectrotech, step, kgeography, calibre, blogilo, knode, kjots, ktimetracker, kleopatra, bangarang and all bangarang icons (bangarang-lastfm, bangarang-notifier,bangarang-notifier-active, bangarang-notifier-active-pause, bangarang-preview, bangarang-repeat, bangarang-shuffle,bangarang-tvdb), marble, kapman, ksnake, ksnakeduel, bovo, sweeper, kbruch, tab-duplicate, tab-detach, tab-new-background, tab-close, tab-close-other, table, view-form-table, archive-insert-directory, edit-web-search, help-contextual, im-aim, im-message-new, list-remove-user, window-suppressed, object-locked, kcm gtk, kamoso, akonadiconsole, akgregator empty, application-sxw, bangarang-dbpedia, base, chakra-flat, chakra-shiny, chakra-smooth, draw, facebookresource, gmail-plasmoid, impress, kdcraw, kde-windows, kdeapp, kdesnake, kgrubeditor, kipi, kmenuedit, kolab, konsolekalendar, kopete-offline, korg-journal, korg-todo, kplatowork, ksplash, ktron,ktuberling, lancelot-start, lancelot, main, math, plasmaapplet-shelf, printeradmin, qtlogo, writer, kmess, view-filter,alignment icons (10 icons), view-file-columns, view-choose, view-list-icons, view-list-details, view-list-tree, view-left-close, view-pim-calendar, view-pim-mail, view-pim-contacts, view-pim-tasks, view-pim-journal, view-right-close,view-right-new, view-split-left-right, view-split-top-bottom, edit-rename, format-list-ordered, format-list-unordered, kmenuedit

New in version 2.0 (May 13th, 2011)

  • Great change in customization script: now, for those who has zenity installed, it’s possible configure the iconset
  • through a very comfortable GUI!!!
  • Replaced grain folder icons by Untergunter with the best of the best: leaf folder icons by Untergunter (4 different choices!!)
  • Updated README pdf file to meet new changes in customization script, and added a new chapter to include a list of those applications that don’t want to change their icon
  • Added support for natty ppa
  • Revamped support for karmic deb packages (it will be the latest version with ppa support for karmic)
  • Better Natty support: gnome-workspace, kjobviewer, preferences-system-time, battery-good-charging, logviewer
  • Applications added (or redrawed): workspace-switcher, google chrome, firefox-trunk, ubuntuone, alltray, auteur, foobnix, kid3, pcmanfm-mod, sabnzbd, kdevelop, start-here-zenwalk (3 versions), distcc monitor, haguichi, orage (and prefs.), xfce4-clock, xfce-schedule, alarm-clock, bashare, bluedun, foxit reader, tor, openvpn, logjam, openbox, arora, djvulibre, darktable, fotowall, fotoxx, furiusisomount, gcdmaster, freespeak, handbrake, midori, pdfedit, lmms, gufw, minitunes, minitube, viewnior, vacuum-im, qutim, qjackctl, meld, grub-customizer, gstm, gx head, postr, pdfmod, rakarrak, guitarix, tuxguitar, hydrogen drum machine, sk1, q4wine, tuxcommander, eiskaltdcpp, giver, fontmatrix, icecat, bzr, bonobo.

New in version 1.9 (February 28th, 2011)

  • From 1.9 version, complete changelog is be stored in README PDF file.

New in version 1.6 (January 20th, 2011)

  • Added grain folder icons by Untergunter (with 5 different possibilities), and snowsabre folder icons by minimac (two different types)! Say me if something goes wrong.. :)
  • Revision of the customization script: solved the annoying bug that forces you to run at least once the customization script to get the right look & feel, implemented new structure to meet future extesions [such the darker version], fixed minor issues, and added the possibility to view folder types directly inside the script!
  • Full exaile support(I hope) !!
  • Modified start-here icons for crunchbang (slightly more rounded, even if I think that the different is quite not noticeable)
  • Added three new start-here icons (start-here-circle2, start-here-circle3, start-here-circle4)!!
  • Applications added (or redrawed): rcommander, atunes, gfontsampler, epidermis, gmusicbrowser, bleachbit, synapse, guake, bazaar, skrooge

New in version 1.5 (November 22nd, 2010)

  • Added Classy folder icons by Gurato (with 9 different possibilities), s11 folder icons by no204ss (two different types, with 7 different folders to choose), sonetto folder icons by burnsplayguitar (with 11 different folder icons)! With them, it's possible to choose between 34 different folder types! Say me if something goes wrong..
  • Revision of the customization script: it's now possible to see directly icons to choose between within the script. This is possible for: start-here logos, computer icons, home icons, gedit icons, trash icons.
  • Revision of the pdf file: now it's almost perfect.. Check it!
  • Added 3 new Computer icons and 3 new Home icons! Try them!
  • Added folder-recent icons (for those icons in wich this was possible) to fix an issue with docky
  • Added icons in a gray mode (they change with the option 'no-color') for scanner, printer, startup applications, media-eject, media-record, ubuntu-tweak
  • Completed evolution icons (preferences-autocompletions, preferences-system-network-proxy.png, preferences-composer.png, mail-inbox, mail-outbox, mail-sent, go-today)
  • Applications added (or redrawed): unison gtk, scribus, desktopnova, ultraedit, xmlcopyeditor (colored and grayish version!), remmina, terminator, krusader, jabref, freemind, cmake-gui, avogadro, rkward, IBM lotus symphony