Auto Adjust Photo Changelog

New in version 0.41

May 24th, 2012
  • new aaRGB v0.64 version update (see aaRGB changelog)
  • add -- switch to mark the end of option list for posix compatibility
  • fix some warnings given by -Wextra compile option

New in version 0.36 (March 24th, 2010)

  • bugfix: fix for tmpfile() patches of libjasper and libjpeg (windows platform only)
  • when running more than one instances of aaphoto at a time, they all used the same temporary files and therefore the images became corrupt
  • bugfix: it doesn't ask for administrative privileges anymore while running in an admin account
  • under vista and windows 7 (windows platform only)
  • bugfix: the --rotate180 switch didn't turn the middle line in images with odd heights
  • JPEG format handling entirely rewritten to be able to handle extra parameters in this format separately, now libjpeg is used directly instead of libjasper for reading / writing JPEG images so libjpeg is a new dependency from now on, formerly only libjasper was depended on it
  • original DPI values of images are restored in BMP, JPEG and PNG formats during conversion refining program messages
  • printing the time elapsed in seconds since program start in verbose mode if not zero printing extra info of bitmap dimension, resolution and color depth in verbose mode