Augeas Changelog

New in version 0.5.3

September 15th, 2009
  • The tree->file transformation can now insert quotes etc. as needed.
  • Path expressions support preceding-sibling and following-sibling axes, to, for example, locate a comment just before or after a specific entry.
  • A much better lens was provided for xorg.conf along with new lenses for inetd.conf and multipath.conf.
  • Augeas now works on AIX.

New in version 0.5.1 (June 10th, 2009)

  • augeas.h: flag AUG_NO_MODL_AUTOLOAD suppresses initial loading modules; exposed as --noautoload in augtool
  • augtool: don't prompt when input is not from tty (Raphael Pinson)
  • augparse: add --notypecheck option
  • path expressions: allow things like '/foo and /bar[3]' in predicates
  • Lens changes/additions:
  • Aliases: map comments as #comment (Raphael Pinson)
  • Build, Rx, Sep: new utility modules (Raphael Pinson)
  • Cron: new lens (Raphael Pinson)
  • Dnsmasq: process files in /etc/dnsmasq.d/* (ticket #65)
  • Grub: parse kernel and module args into separate nodes; parse arguments for 'serial', 'terminal', and 'chainloader'; allow optional argument for 'savedefault'
  • Interfaces: make compliant with actual Debian spec (Matt Palmer)
  • Iptables: relax regexp for chain names; allow comment lines mixed in with chains and rules (ticket #51)
  • Logrotate: allow '=' as separator (ticket #61); make newline at end of scriptlet optional
  • Modprobe: handle comments at end of line
  • Ntp: parse fudge record (Raphael Pinson); parse all directives in default Fedora ntp.conf; process 'broadcastdelay', 'leapfile', and enable/disable flags (ticket #62)
  • Pbuilder: new lens for Debian's personal builder (Raphael Pinson)
  • Php: add default path on Fedora/RHEL (Marc Fournier)
  • Squid: handle indented entries (Raphael Pinson)
  • Shellvars: map 'export' and 'unset'; map comments as #comment (Raphael Pinson)
  • Sudoers: allow backslashes inside values (ticket #60) (Raphael Pinson)
  • Vsftpd: map comments as #comment; handle empty lines; find vsftpd.conf on Fedora/RHEL
  • Xinetd: map comments as #comment (Raphael Pinson)

New in version 0.5.0 (March 31st, 2009)

  • Clean up interface for libfa; the interface is now considered stable
  • New aug_load API call; allows controlling which files to load by modifying /augeas/load and then calling aug_load; on startup, the transforms marked with autoload are reported under /augeas/load
  • New flag AUG_NO_LOAD for aug_init to keep it from loading files on startup; add --noload option to augtool
  • New API calls aug_defvar and aug_defnode to define variables for path expressions; exposed as 'defvar' and 'defnode' in augtool
  • Lenses distributed with Augeas are now installed in /usr/share/augeas/lenses/dist, which is searched after /usr/share/augeas/lenses, so that lenses installed by other packages take precedence
  • New program examples/fadot to draw various finite automata (Francis Giraldeau)
  • Report line number and character offset in the tree when parsing a file with a lens fails
  • Fix error in propagation of dirty flag, which could lead to only parts of a tree being saved when multiple files were modified
  • Flush files to disk before moving them
  • Fix a number of memory corruptions in the XPath evaluator
  • Several performance improvements in libfa
  • Lens changes/additions
  • Grub: process embedded comments for update-grub (Raphael Pinson)
  • Iptables: new lens for /etc/sysconfig/iptables
  • Krb5: new lens for /etc/krb5.conf
  • Limits: map dpmain as value of 'domain' node, not as label (Raphael Pinson)
  • Lokkit: new lens for /etc/sysconfig/system-config-firewall
  • Modprobe: new lens for /etc/modprobe.d/*
  • Sudoers: more finegrained parsing (ticket #48) (Raphael Pinson)

New in version 0.4.2 (March 11th, 2009)

  • Possible data corruption in aug_save was fixed.
  • The meanings of "

New in version 0.4.1 (March 3rd, 2009)

  • The underlying file is now deleted when the corresponding part of the tree is deleted.
  • XPath support was enhanced with additional functions and Boolean expressions. Several bugs were fixed.

New in version 0.4.0 (February 16th, 2009)

  • This release expands support for XPath-like expressions in the public API, making it possible to search across a whole subtree, e.g. to find a node labeled 'error' anywhere, and matching nodes based on various attributes, e.g. to find nodes that have a child labeled 'ipaddr' with a given value.

New in version 0.3.6 (January 27th, 2009)

  • This release reports version and legal save modes in /augeas/version.
  • It allows changing the save mode at runtime.
  • There are various enhancements and fixes to lenses.

New in version 0.3.5 (December 24th, 2008)

  • Files can be optionally changed in place if rename(2) fails.
  • Several path expression bugs were fixed.
  • Many new lenses were added.

New in version 0.3.4 (November 6th, 2008)

  • Saving of backup files was fixed: in 0.3.3, when AUG_SAVE_BACKUP was passed to aug_init, aug_save would always fail.