New in version 3.3 Pre RC3

February 21st, 2009
  • Important fix of a bad typo that made atanks crash everytime a game is loaded!

New in version 3.2-pwx-r10 (December 23rd, 2008)

  • This is an upgrade to the r9 review that is needed for next release. It does not add stuff, but straigthens some issues.
  • The roller has been made a bit faster when dropping from heights, and I added two tiny patches to make the bots aim a bit faster.
  • Additionally I have added the preparations for all texts that are in external files to be fully translateable to french, portuguese, german and slovak. If you are a natural speaker of one of those languages, feel free to contribute!

New in version 3.2-pwx-r5 (November 28th, 2008)

  • added boxed mode (Finally!)
  • riot blasts fixed, they no longer shoot downwards when too less power is chosen
  • chain missiles now blast through dirt. (vertical spreads, too)
  • Walltypes on non-human rounds with skip-AI on will now all change to Wrapped Walls & non-Boxed mode, but not before the current destructions (violent deaths, falling tanks) are finished. (happy, sylikc? Wink)
  • a completely new aiming system has been written to make the boxed mode possible
  • added tweaks to reduce "debris" left on screen
  • added tweaks to reduce "choking" of the display when too much is going on
  • removed HLR_DEBUG, because in over 1000 rounds the speed-up-system never failed
  • There are now three different defines for debugging:
  • Will show everything concerning inventories, shopping system, item selection and target selection of the bots on the console.
  • Will show all relevant numbers of the new aiming system on the console
  • Will draw dots and circles on the screen to make the "thinking" of the aiming process visible. (Warning: The game is no longer playable in this mode)
  • balanced computer player values, according to the new aiming system. Generally speaking, the "useless" bot won't hit a barn with a pumpgun, while the "deadly" bot is very precise.
  • If no target can be reached by normal means, bots now might teleport (or swap) out of their corner, or try to get rid of the obstacle by using riot blasts
  • While aiming bots now try to avoid hitting themselves or team mebers (when non-neutral) and are somewhat carefull not to hit themselves or team members with the blast damage their weapon produces. If a target can't be hit otherwise, there have sacrefices to be made, though...
  • target selection now uses the new aiming system to value targets lower which are hard (or impossible) to hit
  • item selection now uses the new aiming system to value weapons lower with which the chosen target can't be hit properly
  • The target system now calculates burrowers and rollers. (Which leads to some highly entertaining results! Smile)
  • The more intelligent a bot is, the more "bounces" of walls or "wraps" it can calculate.
  • The more intelligent a bot is, the more spread it can calculate. So don't wonder if a useless or guesser bot fires a super spread, happily hitting itself. It simply couldn't see that coming.
  • Velocity check rewritten. It now a) works and b) fixes the "Repulsor-Shield-Bug" Very Happy Yes, I am very happy about that!
  • It is handled in three different ways:
  • No Spring Wall: The limit is set by maximum power, influenced by the mass of the weapon.
  • Spring Wall and Not Boxed: The Limit is doubled, or shooting at the wall would destroy your missile.
  • Spring Wall in a box: The limit is four times the normal limit, or it won't be any fun!
  • I had very entertaining results with that! Smile hit 2500! This means I have now tested over 2500 rounds with the new shopping- and target-selection systems since the last changes and/or bugfixes!

New in version 3.2-pwx-r4 (November 5th, 2008)

  • Some more bug fixes and some preparations to add the "boxed mode" (See atanks forums!)

New in version 3.2-pwx-r3 (October 31st, 2008)

  • Important update! The r2-release is broken and will crash if AI-Skip rounds do not solve into a decision before the round limit is up!