New in version 8.1.4

February 4th, 2013
  • Added @@@list:database=XXXXX:.....:order=XXX,XXX,XXX@@@ special code parameter support for ordering by multiple attribute names.
  • Added e-commerce products import/export of weight, width, height, depth, volume, custom product details, out of stock back/pre-ordering, author, description, keywords, custom meta information data.
  • Added special "webadmin_workspace_workflow_noactions" configuration option to hide view-only workflow items on Personal Workspace.
  • Added user database configuration options to enable both web content management system user database and LDAP user directory server for workflow email notifications functionality.
  • Added additional default memory caching of data (.NET/JSP).
  • Improved database queries and special codes handling performance.
  • Improved batch scheduled publishing with "scheduled_next" functionality disabled.
  • Improved workflow actions display with new workflow state.
  • Improved handling of CSS font-sizes (Mozilla Firefox).
  • Improved handling of HTML BODY onload data (PHP).
  • Improved PHP v5.4 support (PHP).
  • Fixed workflow action error (.NET/JSP).
  • Fixed display of additional content elements titles (PHP).
  • Fixed business example website order status tracking page template.
  • Fixed display and handling of product ids and titles for discounts configuration.
  • Various other improvements.