Arm Changelog

New in version

October 10th, 2013
  • fix: unrecognized authentication methods (like 'SAFECOOKIE') would make arm crash (caught by E)
  • fix: providing users a log message when DisableDebuggerAttachment breaks us
  • fix: crashing issue when parsing tor log entries from leap years (fix by Sebastian, ticket)
  • fix: major terminal glitches related to the import of the readline module (caught by Stephan Seitz)
  • fix: adding OSX (and probably BSD) support for pwd lookups (thanks to Sebastian, ticket)
  • fix: unnecessary validation warnings for DirReqStatistics with new tor versions (caught by Sebastian, ticket)
  • fix: better validation for path component of circuit-staus output (ticket)
  • fix: checking that the auth cookie is 32 bytes before reading (caught by rransom, ticket)
  • fix: tor process detection on Mac/FreeBSD/OpenBSD broken due to different variant of ps (caught thanks to a test system from Jordi Espasa Clofent)
  • fix: using only lsof for OpenBSD connection queries (caught thanks to a test system from Jordi Espasa Clofent)
  • fix: torrc validation was case sensitive (caught by koolfy, thanks to help from Runa, ticket)
  • fix: torrc validation warned of special deb Logging default (caught by koolfy, thanks to help from Sebastian and Runa, ticket)
  • fix: snapshot handler had buggy path handling (caught by Jeff Bonner, ticket)
  • fix: specifying python version requirement in rpm dependencies (caught by unSpawn, thanks to help from Juan Orti Alcaine)
  • fix: proc utils didn't account for big-endian architectures (caught by swalker, ticket)
  • fix: 'enter' on the connection page was mislabeled (patch by twilde, ticket)
  • fix: reproduced an ACS failure, noting it in the README and adding a config option to partly work around it (thanks to help from rransom)
  • fix: circuit listing would fail to be updated if connection information was unavailable
  • fix: errors in checking the auth cookie size prevented alternate authentication methods from being attempted