Arkana Changelog

New in version 0.0.3

January 9th, 2009
  • A new version of Arkana - FTS is out! The new version, version 0.0.3 brings a lot of new things. Unfortunately a big part of them can't be seen yet. That is the online gaming part. It is now possible to create an online account, log in, chat (in different rooms, public or private), open a new game and see a list of all opened games and of course, log out ;) Unfortunately, all these new things can't be tryed out by you right now, as we do not have a master-server! It is too expensive for us and we didn't find someone that is ready to host our server application yet. If you own a server and want to help us, please contact us! These are the main additions, but not the only ones. What you will directly notice is a brand-new GUI designed by "moOshiE", the loading of maps (currently without any objects on them), an Arkana-FTS logo (designed by moOshiE too) and a modelviewer (still under heavy construction). The loading of maps comes with two different loadscreens designed by moOshiE too. So although the online gaming part will be completely unusable for you and one still can't play, it is still worth to try this release even if it's just to see the great new graphics or the loading of a map. From now on, we will try hard to get a release out every one or two months, showing you every little progress we make. Nearly two years for this release were way too long! You may also take a look at the gamepage that is currently under development (thus not functional yet): If you are interested, you can join us and help us advance quicker. The team wishes you a lot of fun with Arkana - FTS, a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!