Arch Linux Changelog

New in version 2015.07.01

July 1st, 2015
  • Linux kernel 4.0.7
  • All updates since June 1st, 2015

New in version 2015.06.01 (June 1st, 2015)

  • Linux kernel 4.0.4
  • All updates since May 1st, 2015

New in version 2015.05.01 (May 1st, 2015)

  • Linux kernel 4.0.1
  • All updates since April 1st, 2015

New in version 2015.04.01 (April 1st, 2015)

  • Linux kernel 3.19.2
  • All updates since March 1st, 2015

New in version 2015.03.01 (March 1st, 2015)

  • Linux kernel 3.18.6
  • All updates since February 1st, 2015

New in version 2015.02.01 (February 3rd, 2015)

  • Linux kernel 3.18.5
  • All updates since January 1st, 2015

New in version 2015.01.01 (January 1st, 2015)

  • Linux kernel 3.17.6
  • All updates since December 1st, 2014

New in version 2014.12.01 (December 1st, 2014)

  • Linux kernel 3.17.4
  • All updates since November 1st, 2014

New in version 2014.11.01 (November 1st, 2014)

  • Linux kernel 3.17.1
  • All updates since October 1st, 2014

New in version 2014.10.01 (October 1st, 2014)

  • Linux kernel 3.16.3
  • All updates since September 3rd, 2014

New in version 2014.09.03 (September 3rd, 2014)

  • Linux kernel 3.16.1
  • All updated packages since August 1st, 2014

New in version 2014.08.01 (August 1st, 2014)

  • Linux kernel 3.15.7
  • All updated packages since July 1st, 2014

New in version 2014.07.03 (July 4th, 2014)

  • Linux kernel 3.15.2
  • All updated packages since June 1st, 2014

New in version 2014.06.01 (June 2nd, 2014)

  • Linux kernel 3.14.5
  • All updated packages since May 1st, 2014

New in version 2014.05.01 (May 1st, 2014)

  • Linux kernel 3.14.1
  • All updated packages since April 1st, 2014

New in version 2014.04.01 (April 1st, 2014)

  • Linux kernel 3.13.7
  • All updated packages since March 1st, 2014

New in version 2014.03.01 (March 1st, 2014)

  • Linux kernel 3.13.5
  • All updated packages since February 1st, 2014

New in version 2012.12.01 (December 2nd, 2012)

  • arch-install-scripts 9 with an improved fstab generator
  • linux 3.6.8
  • systemd 196
  • the usual updates to our core packages

New in version 2012.11.01 (November 3rd, 2012)

  • First media with Linux 3.6
  • copytoram=n can be used to not copy the image to RAM on network boot. This is probably unreliable but an option for systems with very low memory.
  • cowfile_size boot parameter mainly for persistent COW on VFAT.

New in version 2012.10.06 (October 8th, 2012)

  • systemd is used to boot up the live system.
  • initscripts are no longer available on the live system but are still installed by default on the target system. This is likely to change in the near future.
  • EFI boot and setup has been simplified.
  • gummiboot is used to display a menu on EFI systems.
  • The following new packages are available on the live system: ethtool, fsarchiver, gummiboot-efi, mc, partclone, partimage, refind-efi, rfkill, sudo, testdisk, wget, xl2tpd

New in version 2012.09.07 (September 9th, 2012)

  • First medium with Linux 3.5 (3.5.3)
  • The script boot parameter works again (FS#31022)
  • When booting via PXE and NFS or NBD the ISO will be copied to RAM to ensure a more stable usage.
  • The live medium contains usb_modeswitch and wvdial which e.g. allows to establish a network connection using an UMTS USB dongle
  • Furthermore the newest versions of initscripts, systemd and netcfg are included.

New in version 2010.05 (May 18th, 2010)

  • Archiso (image builds):
  • all iso files can now be burned onto CD's as well as written to media like usb sticks (isohybrid)
  • more than half of the packages in core are now xz compressed
  • next to the single architecture images we provide dual images which can be used as 32bit or 64bit medium
  • use isolinux bootloader exclusively for booting the live media
  • snapshot of current core, including kernel, pacman-3.3.3-5 and glibc-2.11.1-3
  • updated memtest
  • support for PXE booting
  • provide wpa_supplicant
  • support virtio
  • AIF (installation tool):
  • ability to choose uuid/label/devicefile blockdevice representation; automatically applied in menu.lst, fstab, etc
  • split off UI library into separate libui-sh project
  • support virtio blockdevices
  • allow user to specify additional custom arguments for mkfs and the like
  • Additionally, quite some bugs have been fixed, mostly in AIF.

New in version 2009.08 (August 10th, 2009)

  • more up-to-date software (see above)
  • usage of new AIF installer, which brings:
  • better disk editor with support for dm_crypt and lvm setups
  • support for automated installations using config files (deprecates quickinst)
  • a framework to build your own installation procedures
  • better date/time setting with ntp support
  • refactored grub installation routines
  • usability improvements
  • aufs instead of unionfs
  • enhanced boot device detection on image start
  • ftp images are renamed to netinstall to avoid confusion
  • bugfixes (xfs freeze, mirror setting, clock correctness, network settings, ...)
  • and much more...

New in version 2009.02 (February 17th, 2009)

  • Kernel 2.6.28
  • Ext4 support. Installation can be done on a ext4 root partition.
  • Rescue and maintenance capabilities for Ext4 root partitions
  • Fallback ISOs with the ISOLINUX bootloader, for those that have trouble booting Grub-based images
  • Several bugfixes in the installer
  • Brought the included documentation up-to-date
  • Inclusion of AIF (Arch Linux Installation Framework), the next generation installer, currently under development.