Aquaria Changelog

New in version Beta 3

January 27th, 2010
  • Real splash screen in the installer and game icon for desktop.
  • Build of OpenAL shipped with the game now supports ALSA, OSS, and PulseAudio, in case user specified one of these in their config file.
  • Game will still use SDL for output by default.
  • Fixed music track getting stuck at end of Mithalas Cathedral.
  • Will no longer overwrite existing screenshots when taking a new one.
  • Fixed OpenAL errors when stopping certain sounds.
  • Took out the "we'll use more RAM" warning.
  • Fixed several crashes in the audio subsystem.
  • Fixed more filename case issues (song door in the Sun Temple now exists as you'd expect).

New in version Beta 2 (January 15th, 2010)

  • This build expires on January 17th.
  • Please uninstall the previous build before installing the new one
  • Changed OpenAL code to output through SDL, which hopefully will solve most of the problems with Pulse/ALSA/OSS/etc.
  • Updated MojoSetup, OpenAL-Soft, and SDL to the latest in revision control.
  • Fixed random screen flickering where the game thought it was losing window focus.
  • Added support for achievements.
  • Fixed broken title images in mod selection menu.
  • Fixed loading files with wrong case...this fixes many things, such as the Sun Temple crystal, the Krotite in The Body, other strange behaviour, etc.
  • Screenshots now write to ~/.Aquaria/screenshots (ctrl-alt-p or PrintScreen to take a screenshot).
  • Game now tries 800x600 if it can't set the desired video resolution on startup. If that fails, too, it tries 800x600 in windowed mode before giving up.
  • Fixed various crashes in sound code.
  • Enabled joystick support by default (you'll have to edit ~/.Aquaria/preferences/usersettings.xml if you ran the previous build and want joystick support enabled).