AppScale Changelog

New in version 1.11.0

October 8th, 2013
  • Bugs have been fixed and features were added.

New in version 1.9.0 (July 26th, 2013)

  • Scaling suport for EC2 and Eucalyptus.
  • Upgrades Cassandra to the latest version.
  • More statistics and numerous bugfixes.

New in version 1.8.0 (June 22nd, 2013)

  • This version upgrades to GAE 1.8.0, improves datastore writes and deletes by 300-500%, adds application metrics to the application dashboard, adds Google Compute Engine Support, and adds numerous bugfixes.

New in version 1.7.0 (May 14th, 2013)

  • A new AppScale UI, an application logging interface, a channel API for Java, mail for Java, kind statistics, and numerous bugfixes.

New in version 1.6.9 (April 6th, 2013)

  • This version adds XG transaction support, XMPP for Java, and bugfixes.

New in version 1.6.8 (March 15th, 2013)

  • This version adds an enhanced TaskQueue system, bugfixes, and a new dashboard.

New in version 1.6.7 (February 21st, 2013)

  • Improved handling of routing paths and a tools rewrite in Python.
  • Bugfixes.

New in version 1.6.6 (February 1st, 2013)

  • Python 2.7 and Go support was added.