Aephea Changelog

New in version 12-248

January 30th, 2013
  • The changes for this release can be accessed by loading simpledocument2.zmm and using or alternatively the file mac/doc/webindex.azm as an example.
  • Document-level lay-out logic was *removed* from aephea and simpledocument2 and should be supplied externally. Example CSS code is shipped in contrib/reaper2.css.
  • Element-level lay-out rules such as used for styling lists are still very much part of simpledocument2.
  • A div with id selector asd_document now spans the entire document, and a few more css hooks were introduced...
  • #asd_leftcolumn #asd_document_outer #asd_document #asd_toc
  • paragraph macros were updated to be fully CSS-controlled, with classes p.asd_par p.asd_cpar span.asd_cpar_caption p.asd_car p.asd_ccar span.asd_ccar_caption now available.