Aegis Changelog

New in version 4.24.2

June 26th, 2009
  • The branch fstate can contain fake transparent entries when a change not yet integrated modifies for the first time in the branch a file. It is possible that such entries cause troubles if the project is configured to write the pfstate file. To avoid such troubles the fake transparent entries are stripped on the fly when reading the pfstate file. The way the the pfstate file is written is not modified.
  • The Italian translation of error messages is now available.
  • The Vietnamese and Dutch error messages has been updated.
  • The aerevml(1) command was incorrectly printing twice user defined attributes. This behavior has been fixed.
  • The aeclean(1) command was incorrectly checking the patterns against the absolute name of the files. This behavior has been fixed.
  • The aelock(1) man page was incorrectly reporting the attribute name aelock use. This has been fixed.
  • The aesub(5) man page now reference aeuconf(5) in the email address section.
  • The aedist(1) command is now more robust when handling renamed files.
  • The test script has been made more robust with respect to different behavior of libmagic.
  • The test script (aeimport vs. sccs) has been fixed.
  • A number of memory related bugs has been fixed.
  • Some typo has been corrected in the ae-repo-ci(1) man page.
  • The build process has been improved to give more informative messages when a new aegis developer populate his repository for the first time.