AdaptCMS Lite Changelog

New in version 3.0

July 26th, 2013
  • All features and functionality have been rewritten from scratch.
  • This release uses the cakePHP framework and a brand new admin panel/frontend design.
  • It introduces a new plugin/theme system, which has 9 plugins and 1 theme in total, and brings in a new AdaptCMS API Web site.

New in version 1.5 (July 19th, 2009)

  • FIX: Search/Tagging fixed
  • DONE: When adding an article and with cache enabled, cache files are deleted
  • FIX: Bugs (misc fixes, from not showing page load time on rss and other things, nothing major)
  • FIX: Quick Edit (misc fixes, from not being used on fields with a url-only data to being applied to the content() function and other things)
  • FIX: Admin - Custom Fields (when you change the name, it updates it for all field data as well)
  • DONE: Quick Edit
  • WIP: Quick Edit (select isnt working yet)
  • DONE: Tag Cloud (with a simple php function you can call it up and have 3 options - subject (which is based on the article names), tags (based on the tags you enter) or all (based on all data from all articles))
  • DONE: Tagging (admin panel)
  • WIP: Tag Cloud/Tagging
  • DONE: Password Strength (on registration page, JQuery plugin that dynamically checks password strength, also minimum length of 4)
  • FIX: Check User (said username was available if you didn't put one in)
  • FIX: Pagination (for example - viewing section "Reviews", click on another page would give a 404 error, fix in .htaccess file)

New in version 1.4 (January 28th, 2009)

  • The affiliates plugin was fixed. Delete confirmation was fixed.
  • JavaScript scripts were upgraded.
  • Pagination was added on the section and home page areas.
  • An advanced admin search was added.
  • The shoutbox plugin was upgraded.
  • The most heavily upgraded areas were the RSS importer plugin, which now uses SimpleRSS instead of MagpieRSS, the image resizer, the article postponer, and the ability to use custom fields everywhere.